15 Pics that Prove Nature Beats Civilization

Nature guides worldwide will take you into elephant sanctuaries, rain forests, bushland, wildlife reserves, dense forests and the list goes on, and walking tour guides will accompany you through cities like Hong Kong, Delhi, Paris and Rome. But as the following pictures prove, the two no longer have to be mutually exclusive: nature is reclaiming civilization.

When cracks in cement appear, weeds come next, and when paths are untracked, flowers bloom, in turn suggesting that Mother Nature will always win. For homeowners and builders, nature’s intrusion is not always welcome, but for those of us who find beauty in the au naturel, plants growing where they aren’t necessarily intended to is nothing but aesthetically pleasing. Just as I love the boulders my family’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountain range was built atop — who doesn’t find a giant rock in their bathroom charming — I too love the likes of leafy trees climbing up apartment buildings in the heart of Hong Kong.

Art walk guides from Brazil to Poland, New Zealand, and America will take you to stunning sites for both age-old and modern wonders, and while man-made art is captivating, nature’s organic creations are the best. The next time you find yourself on a guided tour, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for art that’s reclaiming civilization; it’s more prevalent than you’d think.

The Old Piano Tree, California

Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong

Abandoned Inner City Railway In Paris

Bicycle Eaten by A Tree On Vashon Island, Washington

Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken Over By Fish In Bangkok

Old Abandoned Mill In Sorrento, Italy

Vintage Automobile Graveyard, Belgium

Abandoned Mining Town, Namibia

Abandoned 160-Year-Old Railway In Paris

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship In Sydney, Australia

Abandoned Mansion Near Kilgarvan, Ireland

Abandoned Train Station In Abkhazia, Georgia

I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

Abandoned Fishermen’s Town In Kamchatka, Russia

Angkor, Cambodia

What’s your favorite memory or snapshot of nature reclaiming civilization?

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