These Photos of the Most Beautiful Stairs in the World Will Blow Up Your Eyes

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I’ll never forget the first time my grandmother took me down the “1001 Steps” to Crescent Beach in White Rock, BC. I was about seven years old and the steps seemed to go on forever! Especially given my tiny legs. But they were wooden stairs to a magical place: a 6-km-long cobbled beach with treasure in the form of sand dollars, starfish and innumerable boulders to play on. I’d hang out there for hours until my grandmother said it was time to go and we’d walk back up the 1001 steps to a more conventional world.

Those particular steps weren’t exactly a thing of beauty but the cool thing is they transported me from one realm to another. So imagine a set of stairs that not only does that, but also looks stunningly beautiful as well! In a recent Bored Panda post, the 17 most beautiful steps in the world were showcased and it made me think of all the steps that have impacted my life. There were the ones in Florence, Italy, near the Piazza Del Duomo, where we sat and ate the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had. (Tour guide Eliza Violeta Drutu would be happy to show you around that part of the city.) Or the ones I ran during a particularly overzealous moment in San Francisco. (Urban hiking guide Alexandra Kenin can show you some sweet steps in that city.) Or the ones just outside the Sydney Opera House where we sat to escape the crowds during the 2000 Olymipcs. (Take a tour with photo guide Alfonso Calero and he’ll teach you exactly how to capture that world-famous landmark on film.)

Here are just a few of the steps that were featured in BoredPanda’s “17 of the Most Beautiful Steps Around the World.”

To see more steps like this one on 16th Ave, hire any of these guides in San Francisco.
San Francisco
San Francisco
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To see more steps like this one in Sicily, hire one of these amazing guides in that city.
To see more images of the most beautiful steps around the world, log on to BoredPanda.

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