Come Chase the Moon in Wellington, New Zealand

This wondrous short film by Mark Gee captures a magical scene (entirely unaltered; shot in real time) of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand.

I would bet all my travel reward points that most everyone added New Zealand to their list of “must-visits” at some point during a marathon viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The majesty of the dramatic landscapes and its reputation as a clean, green adventure playground are legendary.

Better still, New Zealand is another cork popping mecca of guided wine tours – famous for gold medal winning Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs. Arguably the varietal with the biggest reputation from this country is the Sauvignon Blanc, which has been described by some as “alive with flavors of cut grass and fresh fruits”, and by others as “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” (but not necessarily meant as a criticism).  Shhhh… if it’s NZ insider wine info you’re after – check out this recent article for everything you need to know.

If you can pry yourself away from the vineyards in New Zealand – you can be on horseback in the forest in the morning and rocking your tankini on the sun-soaked beaches in the afternoon. If you’re a guy with a serious need for attention – you may consider strutting your stuff in what’s been dubbed by fashionistas worldwide as ”the most horrifying thing to ever happen to menswear”- and take this opportunity to debut your asymmetrical man-thong. Go ahead and google it….  you know you want to…. we’ll wait right here until you get back. And no, it is not possible to “un-see” that. We tried.

With tour guides offering experiences ranging from volcano tours on the North Island, to swimming with dolphins on the South, to caving, and biking, we are merely touching on a few of the thrills you will find here. It seems the biggest difficulty in store for you will be picking out what to do first.

And if you’re from the northern hemisphere and travel to New Zealand to escape winter – you’ll be able to forget for just a little while that the typical headline back home is that a nice guy named Joe lost a toe to frostbite.

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  • Julie

    Oh my word, that is a stunning moonrise indeed! Thx for sharing! The music fits the video beautifully. I wish I could see it from there in person…. maybe one day :)

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