Millesgården in Stockholm

Millesgården in Stockholm, Sweden, is a former residence, studio and now museum of the famous Swedish sculptor Carl Milles and his wife Olga. Milles lived and created his works during the first part of the 20-th century. He turned out to be one of the greatest sculpture stars of his time and spent a few years in the USA (Detroit) where many originals of his works can be found. Millesgården was started as the artist’s home but became a museum long before his death. Carl Milles wanted to make Millesgården a place for everybody to enjoy its beauties as well as the water view from the cliff. Many of his ideas saw the light of day, though he didn’t live to see Millesgården fully complete.
Millesgården is called by many an oasis, and it is very true. It is an ensemble of terraces, gardens, stairs, fountains all decorated by beautiful sculptures. Many of those sculptures are put on high pillars and seem to be frozen in mid-air. It creates a unique feeling of lightness and helps to understand the deep poetry of those pieces of art. You can get a brochure at the reception, where the ideas behind most sculptures are explained. The architecture pieces from almost every 20-th century decade are present there as well.

The best time of the year is from May to October, when the fountains are functioning. The most colorful period is autumn, as the gardens take on bright red, green and gold nuances.

Millesgården is located in Stockholm, on the island of Lidingö, not far from the biggest port area Frihamnen.

The major part of this museum is in the open air, so if it rains heavily, it would be harder to enjoy this pearl. Also think about the stairs, connecting the terraces: they are reasonably high. There is also a café on the territory of Millesgården, that offers delicious pastry and other pleasant dishes.

From the city center you can take the subway to the station Ropsten and then take the bus 206, 221 or 201 for a short journey to Torsvik. The address you need: Herserudsvägen 32, 181 34 Lidingö.

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