Too Many Tomatoes To Deal With After Harvest?


The Spanish Know How To Deal

Hmmm….  what to do after the tomato harvest, when you find yourself with all the leftover tomatoes that didn’t quite make the “good enough for the produce aisle” cut?

You could make stewed tomatoes. You might whip up a delicious batch or two of homemade tomato bisque. You could even make enough spaghetti sauce to fuel a winter’s worth of pasta feasts. But what if there were still a ton or two of the bruised red beauties leftover?

How about a food fight of epic proportions instead?

The folks of Buñol, Spain take just that tack when they flood into the streets every year in late August – with the sole purpose of pelting this juicy red overripe fruit at each other. Looks super fun right?

There are many annual events and festivals of great renown around the globe – most have a strong cultural or perhaps religious origin – like Holi in India, the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, and the Ice Festival in Harbin, China for example. But La Tomatina in Spain is just big, messy, rebellious fun with nothing more needed than a get down and dirty attitude, clothes you don’t care too much about – and a good arm.

Businesses and buildings along the La Tomatina route are protected by giant tarps, and then mega trucks carrying tomato wielding pelters wind their way through the established route making merry mayhem.  Who wouldn’t want to join the fun?  Well maybe my mom… but she’d just be thinking, “Oh yeah it’s all well and good to have a few laughs, but who do you think is going to clean up all this mess?”. Lol. Oh mom.

Check out this fun short film featuring 3 young men and their journey to participate in the biggest food fight on the planet – La Tomatina! It looks like just getting there can be half the fun.

What’s the best festival you’ve been to?

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