London – Then vs Now: You Won’t Believe it

From “The Gherkin” to the Millennium Dome, London has some spectacular modern architecture. But the beautiful thing about the capital city of England is that, besides natural technological advancements, much of the city has retained its historic charm. London’s heritage and history tour guides, as well as guides that lead walking tours to every interesting nook and cranny in the city, will show you some of the most stunning structures on earth (such as the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, to name just three), and along the way, you will learn that, in actuality (and fortunately) London hasn’t changed drastically with time.

To illustrate London’s praiseworthy job of preserving its architectural heritage, we set out in search of a video contrasting sections of the city way back when with how they stand today. Our man: Simon Smith. The video: London in 1927 & 2013.

To create his fascinating time-travel-like video montage, Simon Smith followed the footsteps of Claude Friese-Greene, a cinematographer who traveled across the UK during the 1920s to collect stunning images of the country with his new color film camera. Friese-Greene’s tour ended in London, and these are the images that Smith has reshot, pairing the old with the new to create a video demonstrating that while technology changes, architecture swells and typography moves on, the spirit of the city remains the same.

As sightseeing guides will attest, London may be a beautiful melting pot of cultures and architecture, but the city will never lose its original charm. After viewing the video, take pleasure in contemplating how people will view London in 2013 in 90 years time. And after that, go ahead and book a guide in London to tell you the stories behind many of the sights in Smith’s impressive video; sights are intriguing, but it’s the guide-given stories that are most fascinating.

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