10 of the Most LMAO Travel Tweets Ever

Not every moment of travel is perfect. In fact, some travel moments are “OMFG I wanna hit someone with a stick” unpleasant. But here’s the thing, when all is said and done the most oft-told stories are about the day things went sideways, big-time. Friends and colleagues quickly tire of the “everything was beautiful; the weather was perfect; our place was incredible; we saw unicorns pooping rainbows…” blah blah blah. The preference is always for a juicy, gritty, “sh*t got real” tale over one of those fairy tale ones every time, and honestly they stick in your memory more indelibly too. And then some travel days…. things are just “meh” –  sub-par – like as bad as an iffy day at work – but since you’re on vacation – it somehow seems terrible.

Like in the super skeevy border town where I lost my friend for about 40 minutes and panicked on the inside… stuck in the pouring rain, huddled under an umbrella, keenly guarding about 18000 ridiculous lbs. of luggage, watching all the total sketchiness surround me. I’m unable to go anywhere - being trapped in no man’s land between Costa Rica and Panama without the proper entry paperwork! I think I used the time wisely though…  thinking up gentle ways to break the news to her husband that she’d been abducted in to the middle age white lady sex trade (that’s a thing, right?). Anyway, all’s well that ends well. She’s making good coin. Just kidding.

Or worse yet, that day when there was not a single drop of drinkable wine to be found in an entire Central American city (damn you Cali, Colombia!). True story. That day went down as one of the grumpiest on record for everyone in my vicinity. Seriously.

All we really needed was an experienced guide. We should have known better. With a guide at your side, two things are true; you don’t get stuck and you don’t ever have to go without.

These travel tweets show that not everyone is loving every minute of it. But….  we never let that stop us from hitting the road again at the very next opportunity. I’m a firm believer that a bad day of travel is still way more fun than any good day in a cubicle.

What would be your best travel misadventure tweet?  Talk to me.

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