Let This Video Of The Saharan Desert Warm You Up

It’s absolutely miserable outside. I believe it has been raining non-stop for just shy of a million days, give or take. The only variable that applies to stepping out the door lately runs the limited gamut from determining whether it is just hair-do ravaging misty rain, a face pelting deluge, or at the very worst, an umbrella turned inside-out gusty “wind-rain” combo. This city is flexing its dreary muscle like its got a fire to put out and a girl to impress. Talk about your fifty freaking shades of grey. At this time of year, it gets really easy to forget why I choose to live here and I entertain a mild but entirely plausible fear that my next body once-over for moles might instead uncover mold. So sexy, am I right?

It’s only natural under these dreadful conditions to look longingly to the desert. Hot and dry is what I’m craving and it’s about the farthest thing from what I’ve got right now. I daydream about riding a camel across the endless open space, about honing my iPhone photo skills on the magical artistry of the sand dunes, about gazing up to the drama of the amazing starlit night sky that is only possible to experience in the desert. I think I could even bring myself to hug a cactus at this point.

There’s no better way to escape this mess of mud season than by making a beeline for the desert. From the cholla-studded trails of New Mexico to the shifting sand dunes of the Sahara, to the many options close to home in Utah, Arizona, and  California (like Joshua Tree, Death Valley & Baja) – these oases offer wide open skies, vertical rock playgrounds, wildlife, and miles of hiking, running, and mountain biking trails. Experienced tour guides will lead the way. I may even skip my vitamin D supplement.

This video gives me even more inspiration to go!  I’m not sure whether it’s a men’s “casual wear” commercial, a travel video or what, but honestly I don’t much care either… it’s surely film-making at its finest…  Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?  You’re welcome ladies.

Now be honest with me… which boy was your favorite?  Was it ”Intense (possibly constipated?) Beardy Guy”,”Steely Gaze”, or “Ragamuffin 6-Pack” as I’ve affectionately named them?  Talk to me.

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