How Lava Can Cook Your Next Meal​

There’s hot ice cream made with methyl cellulose, and bacon-flavoured powder made with a mix of rendered bacon fat and maltodextrin, but food has reached a new level of intrigue with the introduction of lava as a means of cooking. That’s right: lava!

Volcano tour guides around the world will take you to view the mesmerizing molten rock at impressively close distances, but if you want to get really hands-on with lava, may we suggest using it to cook your next meal; the taste of steak and corn improves ten-fold with a lava-infusion, and even food tour guides from Italy to South America might attest to that. The art and design duo Bompas & Parr are to thank for the new and improved barbecuing technique. The pair traveled from England to upstate New York to experiment with the lava there, using it to accomplish a classic cook out.

The verdict? Success! While flash-seared steak is always welcome to the mouth, when it’s cooked over lava, the taste is just that much better. And while volcano tour guides in Hawaii may not regularly cook with the matter, they can apply the same theory to hiking: hiking is made that much better with the accompaniment of lava flowing hotly from active volcanoes. Cooking over lava may need some time to popularize, but, meanwhile, volcano tour guides in Italy are ready to take you to explore Mt Etna, volcano tour guides in New Zealand await to show you the staggering beauty of Mt Taranaki (an active volcano on the west coast of the North Island), and boat tour guides in Southern Italy are enthusiastic to show you Stromboli and Volcano Island, two volcanic islands that frequently exhibit stunning explosive emissions of lava.

Without further ado (and to whet your appetite for an exhilarating volcano tour in the near future), here is the captivating video of Bompas & Parr barbecuing over lava. (Oh, and if you’re interested in learning more about volcanoes, check out our “10 Highest Volcanoes in America” blog.)

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