#GuideStories Chapter 1 – Chris & Remie

Avid travelers share their favorite #guidestories and give props to the guide(s) who made their trip the experience of a lifetime.  Watch this space for new chapters every week.

Christopher Stott With Guide Remie Law in Malaysia

#GuideStories Christopher Stott - Colorful Vegetables In MalaysiaWhenever I travel, I like to take a cooking class. I’ve always found it a great way of finding out about a new culture, learning something I can bring back, meeting other travellers, and eating something delicious.¬†Often it’s a dedicated cooking school, but once in a while, it’s a much more unique experience.

#GuideStories Christopher Stott - Fish Shopping In MalaysiaLast May I was in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, and almost randomly stumbled across a mention of Remie Law’s cooking tour. Somehow I found an email address for him, and he arranged to pick me up in a rickety car at 5 am from my hostel.

The rest of the group was a retired British woman who had recently moved to Malaysia, a French chef, and his fun and hungry friend. We spent the morning buying fish straight from fishermen, vegetables, herbs, spices from a local market. There was no menu – just whatever piqued our hunger or curiosity. Then back to Remy’s house for what was more like a group of friends cooking together than any cooking class I’d ever experienced.

#GuideStories Christopher Stott - Chopping Board With Vegetables

Honestly, I had the feeling that Remie would just be doing the exact same thing whether we were there or not.

I cooked with ginger blossom for the first time, learned how to gut fish, saw a pineapple tree in his back garden, drank plenty of his homemade wine, and even tried python meat (which he just happened to have!)

Definitely, a day I will never forget! Find Christopher on twitter at @chrisyvr

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