5 Reasons Guides Need 3rd Party Insurance

When you take out an insurance policy, you’re the ‘first party’ and the insurer is the ‘second party’. The ‘third party’ is someone who doesn’t have any involvement with creating the insurance contract, but could be affected by it. For any business owner, third party/public liability insurance is important as it covers you for claims made by a member of the public against your business, but for Guides it is even more important to have this coverage, and here are 5 reasons why:
5. The third party could be a client or just someone who comes into contact with your business on your premises or in the street/museum/mountain, without 3rd party liability, you are not covered against their claims for injury, damages, or loss.

4. Guides come into regular contact with clients and members of the public, and often at/in higher risk locations/situations. 
3. The related legal expenses may be covered by 3rd party/public liability insurance as well as the compensation payment, up to the limit of your policy.

2. This compensation payment can take into account medical costs, lost earnings, and the replacement or repair of damaged property. 
1. And last but definitely not least, compensation payments to 3rd parties can be HUGE, so it is of utmost importance that you have sufficient insurance coverage. Third party/public liability is an essential coverage for any guiding business.

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  • Chad

    Is the insurance policy for the business or the individual guide?

    • Sheila Flaumitsch

      Hello Chad and thank you for your question I will reply via hello@guideadvisor.com.

  • Nancy

    I’m a local guide and over-the-road tour manager who is interested in your insurance.
    My question: Will I receive a written policy to know all the terms and conditions? How will I see what I’m paying for?
    Thanks .

    • Sheila Flaumitsch

      Hi Nancy, thank you for your interest. The quick answer is yes, you will receive the policy wording and terms before purchase. Please email me at hello@guidedvisor.com and I will be happy to share more details. – Sheila

  • Ross Lepper

    Hi there, I run a wine tour business in New Zealand and I now intend to expand my business to take clients to California wine tasting.Will your policy cover me both in NZ and the USA. Cheers Ross

    • Sheila Flaumitsch

      Hi Ross, thank you for your question. The answer is yes. This will be a global policy that will cover you worldwide.

  • Anonymous

    You are correct. I tried to apply my experience with construction contracts where the contractor and the client are considered the first and second party and the third party would be someone (say an adjacent landowner) who is not part of the construction contract but could file a claim if there were an incident.

    • Sheila Flaumitsch

      One thing we have learned since partnering with an insurance company is that insurance is a complex thing. Ther terminology is different in every industry, region and country. We are still learning.

  • Anonymous

    The first two parties are the guide and the clients. The insurer is not the second party.

    • Sheila Flaumitsch

      Hi there, thank you for your comment. However, according to the definitions we have found and received from insurance companies our definition of third party liability insurance is correct. Please have a look at one of our sources: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/third-party-insurance.html

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