Get to Know Morocco Guide Zineb Hafa

Zineb Hafa grew up in Guelmim, a small city in the south of Morocco. Now, with Nature Tours, she shares her passion for her country — particularly the north, and its lesser-known attractions — with visitors from around the world. “This place is the definition of exoticism,” she says, “a Muslim country with a deep history sitting on the edge of the Sahara desert.”
How did you become a travel agent and tour guide at Nature Holiday?

I was always passionate about traveling — that was my dream, which came true with Nature Holiday. I (got) a diploma in IT development, before I moved to another city to accomplish my studies in English literature and linguistics. Those qualities helped me to (get) into the tourism field. After six months as a travel agent I applied to Nature Holiday as a trainer and an operator to (collaborate) with tour operators worldwide. They were pleased with my performance (and) I officially became their correspondent and guide.

What’s the best part of your job as a Morocco guide?

When I receive an offer (from) one of my partners and start planning the tour for our clients — the feeling of designing a program for people to have the journey of their life is just amazing.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Every part of my job is a challenge. Even if I am pleased with what I have done, we always have this feeling that we could do better.

What’s your favourite trip in Morocco?

The best trip I had was in (the) north of Morocco with my family. It was absolutely incredible — we laughed, had fun …  and enjoyed our blessed land.

When traveling in the north, what do you recommend?

Those in search of a tranquil beach, away from the mansions that are creeping across Morocco’s shorefront, should head to Asilah in spring or autumn. This small Atlantic (coastal) town with a Spanish flavour has an abundance of stunning beaches that are largely deserted except in summer.

What about Tangier?

The northern port is quickly becoming Morocco’s second business hub, but step into the medina and you are lost in time. A refreshing diffidence is on show here — the locals couldn’t care less, and tourists will get a lot less hassle than in the medinas of Marrakech or Fez. It may not last. The beautiful tumble-down buildings are slowly being bought up by French retirees.

What is there to see in Chefchaouen?

Thigh-deep in cold water may not be your idea of fun, but the simple beauty of a waterfall can move the hardest heart.

What about Tetouan?

I personally fell in love with its architecture and the modesty of its people — it combines authenticity and modernity, which made it my favourite spot in the north.

What are the benefits of hiring a guide in Morocco?

By hiring a guide you will gain the time you waste in asking about places in Morocco. … A guide might become your partner in travel.

Where in the world would you like to travel?

I believe a person should have the chance to travel the world and hopefully I will make it true one day. I am planning to travel to Spain … and then I might visit other countries.

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