Get Super Soaked At The 2016 Songkran Festival

No one here gets out with dry pants. Billed as the world’s largest water fight, this is how the Thai folk get down for their New Year’s celebrations each April, and getting soaked here is meant to bring good luck for the year. Perfectly coinciding with the most scorchingly hot time of the year in Thailand – who wouldn’t want to get splashed? Even the elephants get in to the act. And when the sun goes down, the party goes into overdrive with energetic revelers keeping the festivities going well in to the wee hours.

Parades, concerts, family reunions, street parties, and beauty pageants are all part of the wet & wonderful Songkran tradition. While Chiang Mai vies heavily for the title of ”biggest” of the events held around the country – you can find major celebrations held all over Thailand in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, and Khon Kaen – so there is ample opportunity to have a great time getting drenched.

While you’re there – be sure to expand your horizons by connecting with experienced and friendly local guides so that you can truly experience the best of this magical country.

Looks awesome, right? Start making plans for guided tours for your Thailand trip today.

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  • jackytan

    it’s was extremely festival that leading to many accidents will warning tourist should be careful while enjoying that activity

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