When Moms & Texting Meet: 11 LOL Messages

There seems to be two categories when it comes to middle-aged Moms and technology.  First up is Mod-Mom – The one who smoothly adapted and is now ruling her own Twitterverse and Pin-teresting every blessed thing that catches her eye. And then, well, there is the other one, who always seems to remain just a hilarious step or two behind, no matter how many “how to” links and videos you send her. We found 11 funny texts that highlight the difference and a few that made us laugh out loud.

Whichever Mom you have though, you treasure her and, admit it, you still want to be her favourite! One way to be her fave is to give her a car like this son did. Or another surefire way to leave your less-deserving siblings firmly in the dust is to travel with her. There is nothing a mother whose children have moved on into adulthood wants more than to spend some quality time again with her kid(s). And sometimes it can be damn hard in this busy world to make that time – so plan ahead and by next Mother’s Day, you’ll be wearing your Best Son or Daughter banner with pride, and maybe even having your favourite muffins baked on a more regular basis.

If your mom is an art lover – consider a guided museum tour in Florence or Rome, or maybe a sightseeing tour in Barcelona. In the US, beach lovers soak up the rays on guided tours in the Hawaiian Islands and wine aficionados just can’t get enough of Napa. For architecture enthusiasts, try guided walking tours in London or Lisbon, and for history buffs experienced guides in Berlin or Pompeii can ensure it’s a once in a lifetime trip for Mom. You’ll be the apple of her eye.  And maybe you can run a texting 101 workshop on the plane.

And from Moms who are a step or two ahead…..
To see more texts from Mom – check out Team Jimmy Joe.

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