Flight Attendant Dances to Safety Announcements

Unless security check after security check doesn’t bother you, traveling by plane is gradually getting increasingly tedious, but while one aspect of flying is losing its glamour, another is amping up its style: in-flight entertainment!

As of late, to enhance the flying experience, a number of flight attendants have added a spin to the customary lectures they give concerning flying procedures. While once the procedures were delivered in a stiff manner, now some airlines are turning them into a performance, taking unsuspecting passengers by surprise. And what does this remind us of? Why, tour guides, of course.

Like flight attendants who think outside the box when it comes to instructing passengers on what to do if the cabin pressure drops, tour guides add an element of fun to sightseeing that couldn’t be had alone. All around the world, professional guides lead tours that strive to educate you on their country in the most thorough and efficient way, but their larger goal is to make your trip fun, exciting, and different.

The take-home message: travel can be more than just getting from A to B; for guides and flight attendants alike, travel can be an entertaining performance.

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