Fly Fishermen – Prepare To Be Dissed!

I have never understood the appeal of fishing. There, I said it. The guy who made this film – Henry Harrison – says it too. In fact the film title is”Fly Fishing Is A Joke”. On this we did agree. Then I watched it and listened, and I laughed a bit, and I watched some more… and then I think I kind of got it. Damn though, it’s hard to admit.

I have a friend. Let’s call her Krista (if that seems particularly fitting – it’s probably because her name really is Krista). Anyway, she has been recently reborn as this mysterious creature who tells me quite convincingly that she loves nothing better than crawling out of her warm bed (cold & rainy weather? She doesn’t care!), grabbing her “tackle” (what?) and heading out to put on rubber pants (didn’t we outgrow those a few decades ago?) only to fight to stay upright in the current of a cold river, all before the sun even rises. Crazy? Just a bit. But she’s not alone – there are loads of weirdos like her out there.

The sport has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds and now I think I might know why. It’s something to do with the peace and quiet, the patient skills acquired over time, the unmatched scenery, and all the other cool things this short funny documentary-style film depicts (stick around through the credits and you’ll get an extra laugh).

Opportunities are plentiful to fish worldwide with top notch guides who make sure you a) have the right gear, b) fish the right spots, and c) don’t drown in your hip-waders. From the waters of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere to Scotland, Turkey, Croatia and the plentiful lakes and rivers of Canada, the US in the north -  the names of the lures you can stuff your tackle box with alone may be worth the price of wader-chafing (is that a thing?). The “Hoo Daddy”, the ”Master Bait & Tackle” and the “Nipigon River Cockatush” are among my faves so far.

What’s your favorite lure? Talk to me.

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