Driving in India is Thrilling (and Terrifying)!

If you need a little excitement in your week, you should probably check out this trailer from “Hit the Road: India.” You don’t have to ask around to know that India can be a challenge for the first-time traveller. With over a billion people on the continent, you can imagine how crowded things get in the major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai! This trailer will give you just a little taste of India from the full documentary, but it’s chocked full of adventure.

“Hit the Road: India” is based on the travels of two friends, Ric Gazarian and Keith King, driving through India during a 12-day rickshaw rally known as the Mumbai Xpress. It’s been dubbed one of the top ten greatest adventures in the world, according to Lonely Planet, and it takes participants from Mumbai to Chennai. India’s highways tend to be quite chaotic, and traffic congestion is very much a problem, so this video highlights some of the trials that the two friends face while on the road. At the same time, they encounter friendly people, epic scenery, and wonderful hospitality along the way.

You can have your own adventures in India without having to resort to something as drastic as a rickshaw run, however. Why not hire an India guide to introduce you to this beautiful country? You can even opt for a comfortable car tour in India rather than a teeny-tiny rickshaw! Of course, maybe you want to stoke that sense of adventure instead. However you do it, guides worldwide will agree on one thing: India is amazing. Slightly terrifying, but amazing.

Be warned, before watching the video, make sure you’re within close proximity to an Indian restaurant; besides travel, afterwards, you’ll be craving naan and curry. Or just watch this video of the food delicacies in India – maybe that’ll fill the hunger void (or just make it worse).

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