Don’t just take our word for it – the Mass Media recommend hiring guides too

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It’s obvious that we here at GuideAdvisor are huge proponents of hiring tour guides and adventure guides to ensure the best experiences on the planet. But what do others think? Is it just tour companies and travel agents out there waxing poetic about how important it is to hire a guide?

Not quite.

Media powerhouses like National Geographic, Fodors and CNN have all weighed in on the importance of hiring guides. Whether it’s because guides know all the best secret spots, alleviate stress, ensure safety or, because they’re just so gosh-darn entertaining, there are plenty of reasons why the largest media companies in the world are recommending giving guides a try. Here’s a mash-up of what they all had to say.

A Guidebook Company Suggests Hiring a Guide…Huh?

Fodor’s is one of the world’s largest publishers of English language travel and tourism information. Founded by Hungarian Eugene Fodor in 1949, the company has since produced thousands of guidebooks for every area of the globe. Amazing then that a guidebook company would recommend hiring human beings to help guide you around. But that’s exactly what they did in an online article entitled: “4 Reasons You Should Hire a Guide on Your Next Family Vacation.” 

Written by Jamie Pearson, the story describes important reasons why your family will benefit from the services of a tour guide including:

  • You’ll see more wildlife – “Guides know where the buffalo roam, the grizzly bears feed, and the quetzals nest. They can teach you a lot about the animals you see, and often have great gear too.”
  • You won’t have to drive – “When you don’t have to navigate, drive, and argue with your spouse, cruising through new territory can actually be a pleasurable experience”
  • You’ll avoid unnecessary stress – “Could I have consulted a guide book, read a map…while keeping the kids from stepping under the wheels of a passing black cab? Probably. Could I have enjoyed myself while doing it? Probably not.”
  • You’ll be entertained – “When the children’s interest in history inevitably flagged (our guide) broke into song!”

In other words, you could go and buy one of Fodor’s guidebooks and try to navigate your way through an area, or you could save the cash, hire a guide and see more, learn more, be entertained more and not stress out about where you left your bookmark.

CNN Recommends Guides for Business Travellers

CNN, the Cable News Network, has been around since 1980 and in that time has never ceased it’s 24-hour news coverage. In other words, the Network has broadcast about 300,000 hours worth of information. Presumably its staff know a thing or two but business travellers hiring tour guides? Even we were a bit surprised CNN would recommend the notion. Then we read Jill Becker ‘s story entitled “Private tour guide can be a business traveler’s best friend.” and we understood why they were believers.

In the article Becker writes, “Business travelers have discovered that hiring a local guide is an extremely smart and convenient way to make the most of any downtime they may have.”

She goes on to describe hiring a tour guide in London while we was there on a business trip and then writes, “When I factor in the one-on-one attention and expertise we received, not to mention the convenience and ease of negotiating the city with someone who knew the area like the back of her hand, it seems like the deal of the century. And when you’re traveling for business, your big expenses and most of your meals are covered by your employer, so isn’t it worth spending some of your own money to make the most of the trip?”

We couldn’t agree more. Bravo CNN for recognizing the value of tour guides in a business setting.

When I factor in the one-on-one attention and expertise we received, not to mention the convenience and ease of negotiating the city with someone who knew the area like the back of her hand, it seems like the deal of the century.” –  Jill Becker for CNN

National Geographic Celebrates Guides

National Geographic is, arguably, the bible in the outdoor publication market so when they say that guides not only play an important role in people’s health but also the health of a nation, we couldn’t help but take notice. In her article, “Guides are portals to the outdoor world – let’s give the the support they need”“,” Avery Stonich writes that guides are not only key players in the outdoor recreation market, but they also play a key role in the political arena as well.

“Outdoor guides serve as portals to the outdoors, playing a critical role in introducing people to outdoor recreation and the importance of protecting natural resources,” Stonich says. “And since they often spend more time in the field than land managers, guides serve as eyes and ears for cash-strapped public land agencies.”

She goes on to describe how outdoor guides played a pivotal role at a US congressional hearing on impediments to public recreation on public lands by testifying that changing regulations and a “tangled web of federal bureaucracy…is creating unnecessary barriers to getting people outside, which — in the long run — threatens the future of outdoor recreation and the economies that depend on it.”

In other words, guides aren’t just pretty faces. They’re entertainers for your whole family, important tools in your business trip repertoire and guardians of the natural world and the economy it supports.

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