Is Chicago The Great American City?

I used to be a traveling software consultant – with a home base of Vancouver and a project base in Washington, DC. Sweet 13 hour door-to-door commute each way, each week – via a squished-up scary mystery-meat soggy sandwich serving airline. Glamorous? You bet.

The strangest thing though would await me on arrival in Chicago to catch my last flight home. After a long Friday working at the project office, followed by a long security wait at the DC airport and the short hop flight to O’Hare- in my uber-weary state I’d be greeted by “the Tunnel” between Terminal A and B at the Chicago airport.

The décor of this gauntlet you had to run between terminals at that time (pictured above) was clearly something out of someone’s freaky acid flashback, including the constant jangling stress-inducing soundtrack. Seriously Chicago - WTF? Whose idea was this? And with the exception of one snowed in overnight stay, that anxiety producing tunnel sums up the extent of my personal experience with Chicago. Quite frankly, I never even experienced a modest desire to spend any free time there. Until now. This short film “Chicago – The Great American City” has managed in just over 2 minutes to change my impression entirely.

Shot in almost black and white (you’ll see what I mean), with a beautiful voice-over narration paying tribute to the filmmaker’s loving perspective of this city and its people, I think it’s high time to expand my horizons past the tunnel and get a feel for the real Chicago described with so much reverence here. And while I’m there… I’ll be certain to take a guided tour or two.

But one thing I really want to know is… have they changed that freakin’ tunnel yet? Talk to me.

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