Big Worries? Watch This.

Since the days of shapeless wooden skis (fun fact: “ski” comes from “skíð,” Old Norse for “split piece of wood or firewood”) and awkwardly long poles (another fun fact: early skiers used one long pole or spear, instead of the two they’re now graced with), skiing has come an impressively long way. From “Powderhound Planks” to “Twin Tips,” there are now many variations of the once-so-simple ski, and with these advancements in design have come advancements in the act. Just ask skiing guides around the world; they know all about their hobby’s growth, and the inherent nature of professional skiers to continually push the limits.

A blog post we recently published highlights how skiing is reaching new extremes, what with the likes of jibbing off moss-covered trees in dense forests…in the heat of summer…and the following video only adds evidence to the sport’s never-ending (and extremely exciting) evolution. Skiing guides from Canada to Sweden, Japan to Kathmandu may stick to snow-covered mountains and trusty gear, but diehard skiers enthusiastic to break boundaries are out there this very minute, experimenting with groundbreaking techniques. Introducing the newest phenomenon: the “lightsuit.”

Afterglow, a recently-released ski movie shot in Alaska takes snow-sport apparel to the next level: they’ve added LED lights. Custom-made LED suits may take years to hit the market (you better believe I’ll be the first to take up night time skiing when that happens), but we’ve got you covered on the fun-front until that time.

Once you’ve watched the following video, you’ll be itching to ski, and instead of brushing off those perfectly healthy lusts to float through powdery snow, simply do the following: hire a skiing guide. Talented skiing guides in Canada who know the mountains better than anyone else will help you cover a dizzying amount of begging-to-be-shred untracked vertical, while skiing guides in various other winter wonderlands will assist you in skiing harder, faster, and better. No matter your age or ability, there’s a skiing guide for everyone out there. Now watch, and eventually repeat.

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