The True Beauty Of The Travel Video Diary

I wish I put more of an emphasis on capturing movies and photos when I travel. It’s so easy in the moment to think that each and every experience is so unforgettably different, or beautiful, or impactful, that it could never fade from memory. Sadly though, our brains generally don’t work that way, and so I love watching these quick and inspiring videos that travelers post that manage to give me the exact feeling I had when visiting similar spots. Lucky too, since they’re usually much better photographers, so I’m not stuck looking at my lame out-of-focus shots that most prominently feature some portion of my hand.

Here in this fast paced video we follow a fun young couple (Gerard and Kieu) over 108,371 kilometres – spending 312 days visiting 20 countries – to complete an adventure of a lifetime. Their pure delight and excitement for travel (and food!) is absolutely infectious. When Kieu first spots jaw-dropping Machu Picchu – the intensity of the experience is almost tangible.

But how many of us have the luxury of such an extended trip? Um, let’s say right next to none. Using an experienced tour or adventure guide while traveling in foreign countries can ensure that you wring every bit of enjoyment out of your trip. There is no worrying about the logistics, language barriers, and finding the inside information needed to make sure your experience is extraordinary.  Issues like showing up at the museum on the one day it is closed, being stranded somewhere unfamiliar, bypassing the street cart with the absolutely most amazing food in the city, or failing to hear about the annual neighbourhood festival not listed in the travel books… these are the things that don’t happen when you have a knowledgeable guide at your side.

Many of the beautiful bucket list countries featured in this video (which included Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, USA, Peru, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary) are home to some of the most talented tour guides in the world – who are just waiting to welcome you and show off their very own amazing part of this planet.

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