Be a Dog Walker, See the World

Talk about unconventional careers.

In this interviewed titled “Portrait of a Dog Walker,” we get a little inside look at the wonderfully adorable life of Matt Hein. After working in finance for nearly 5 years, Hein quit his job to follow his dreams in 2010. He first went to work in the French Alps, then moved on to Oslo, Norway where he now resides while operating his own dog-walking company.

Hein describes his day-to-day life in London as waking before 6 AM to grab the tube to the office, then sitting around at a desk all day every day, until he finally cracked. “I wanted to go back and find my passion for life,” he says.

“I thought, if money didn’t matter whatsoever then what would I do? And I thought I would love to travel, I would love to explore, I love being outside, I love being in nature. I love being with dogs.” For Hein, the decision was simple. And it certainly didn’t involve an office cubicle.

You gotta admire a person who leaves a cushy job for something uncertain (especially when that uncertainty ends up hanging out with adorable dogs all day). If money were no option for you, what would you do? Would you hire a guide to experience the beauty of Brazil? Take a trip to the Grand Canyon? Or enjoy the lap of luxury? We could all learn a lesson from this guy. You don’t need money to find happiness. (Also, are all dog walkers this cute?)

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