A Call Home From the Galapagos

Chances are you’ve heard about the Galapagos Islands. You know, that chain of Ecuadorian islands with a bizarre amount of wildlife, with species that are often not found anywhere else in the world? Yep, that’s the Galapagos.

Truth be told, Galapagos has never been huge on my list. It’s not that I don’t love animals, especially when those animals are adorable sea lions and penguins. But it just seems like the Galapagos are an awful lot of work to get to. And apparently, I’m lazy.

But as it turns out, the Galapagos are in very real risk of being destroyed by tourism. The boom has brought in more hotels, restaurants, and other venues all contributing to an upset of the natural ecosystem. Several species have already gone extinct.

So there’s the conundrum. Visit now before it’s gone, or stay back and be a good wildlife conservation person?

Anyway, Andrew Norton is behind this lovely Galapagos feature. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first—dude calls home to his wife, they have a casual conversation, and then he asks her how he should put the video together. She gets weirded out, and is all like, isn’t that what they’re paying you for? In a twist of events, their phone conversation becomes the narrative to his video.

Clever, clever, Andrew!

I like the light-heartedness of it all—there’s even mention of Darwin riding a giant tortoise.

Andrew’s work is interspersed throughout the film, with some pretty incredible snapshots of the wildlife there. Penguins, turtles, sea lions, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, and more.

He also captures the local folks, which is something you don’t see too much of in footage about the Galapagos. But most of the attention seems to be on the wildlife (which makes a lot of sense when there are blue-footed boobies hanging around).

Anyway, for all my reservations about the Galapagos, this video certainly makes me wanna check it out. You’re likely to feel the same way.

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