8 of the Best Beaches in Miami

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the whole of Florida. In 2016 alone, it was able to draw in 15.8 million visitors, according to a survey by Greater Miami and Beaches. This is a huge number, especially considering that the area was severely affected by the Zika Virus last year.

So as the allure of Miami beaches doesn’t look like it’s fading anytime soon, here is a list of some of the best beaches across Miami.

Crandon Park Beach

Frommer’s describes Crandon Park Beach as a “theme park on the sand.” The three-mile stretch offers several activities for visitors to choose from, and not all of these actually involve swimming or other water sports. Various sports fields, discos, golf courses, dining areas and parks are only some of the activities that are draw in tourists around the year.

Cape Florida

Cape Florida in Key Biscayne is an extremely popular destination for families. It offers wide, spacious areas for kids to play in, and its picturesque lighthouse makes it a good subject for photographers. The waters are also calm compared to other beaches, so it’s the perfect entry for children to learn to swim in the sea for the first time as long as they are supervised at all times.


Siesta Beach

Renowned for its relaxing environment it’s frequented by locals and tourists that want a break from vibrant downtown Miami. It’s also well known for being one of the premier white sand beaches in the entire country.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

If you are looking for a quieter spot to explore then Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park may be the ideal destination for you. Located at the tip of Key Biscayne, the area features nature trails, a historic lighthouse, and a beach that is relatively quiet compared to some of the more common tourist hotspots.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Another relatively quiet option is Matheson Hammock Park Beach, which is situated within the picturesque and rather exclusive Coral Gables community. Discover Homes states that Coral Gables is one of the most expensive suburbs in Miami to live in. So while Coral Gables offers some unbelievable views a d experiences including the Matheson Hammock Park Beach, expect it to cost you a little bit extra and if you want to shop or dine out during your vacation.

Homestead Bayfront Park Beach

Homestead Bayfront Park Beach features a natural atoll pool. It is also a great place to go to for those who love seafood, as La Playa Grill offers several dishes made from freshly caught fish. The restaurant has made quite a name for itself since it first open its doors to the public, and is a favorite among locals.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is famous for its abundance of sea life. Stingrays are abundant in the area, which is why it is common to see people perform the “Sanibel Shuffle,” a movement which sees people stomping around to scare off any nearby stingrays. There are also a lot of turtles around Sanibel Island.

21st-45th Street Beach

If you are looking for the ideal place to take photos so that you can fill your social media accounts or photo books with then 21st-45th Street Beach is probably the perfect place. Timeout wrote a list of things to do in Miami, and in it the travel site spoke about how this stretch of beach serves as the backdrop to the most exclusive hotels and beach clubs in the whole county.

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