13 Photos of Unexpected Animal Partnerships

Symbiosis. Synergy. The happy result when things together are better than they are apart. Think Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jam, hangovers and the proverbial hair of the dog.  Some things just naturally go together. 

It’s also the perfect definition for the relationship between you and your tour guide. You bring your unique curiosity and enthusiasm, and your travel guide brings their passion for the destination, their insider knowledge, and their vast guiding experience to the travel table. Thinking of trekking in Nepal? The amount of personal time that needs to be invested in planning such a trip can be enormous, and certain restricted areas will be off limits to the independent trekker – unless of course you are going the route of enlisting an experienced local trekking guide. How about a backcountry ski adventure in Whistler, BC – touring with a guide who’s been featured in Warren Miller’s ski films?  One of your bucket list items perhaps? Would you rather learn how to stand-up paddle board in Italy? Or spend a bit of quality time with elephants in Malaysia or Thailand? Well, as we never tire of saying, we have a guide for that too!

So you see there is no end of opportunity to be greater than just the sum of two parts when you team up with a travel guide to make the most of your travel experiences. Are you and your guide each great on your own? Sure. But when your paths meet, magic can happen. Just like with these less typical but perfect partnerships. (Oh, and if you want to learn 64 things you probably didn’t know about African animals, click here.)

For more pictures and background on these amazing animal partnerships – check out Bored Panda.

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  • Anonymous

    all of them are so cute

  • Sandra James

    So cute! I think the weiner dogs a goner though. :-)

    • Pamela Denis

      Yeah, you could be right. Hopefully not!

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