11 Funny Office Notes – Someone Needs A Vacation

Sometimes it’s hard at first to notice when you’re straining that one last nerve. When you’ve been through the company wringer, been nothing but a good sport, and done your best until finally something just tips the scale towards the bat-crap-crazy side. Some of the folks who wrote these notes below clearly missed earlier warning signs, but that’s ok, because they’re just serving as an example to the rest of us. When you find yourself wanting to post responses to all the annoying workplace instructions and warnings that line the surfaces of the lunch room, note to self – plan a getaway instead.

Think about it, you could be busy planning your bucket-list trip to Everest with a tour guide, instead of duking it out over refrigerator contents with Debbie the control freak from accounting. Or you could be taking your better half to enjoy art, architecture, & history tours in old Ireland, rather than having a font war with the ever power-tripping office warden. (Speaking of Ireland, if you want to see more fun images from the Emerald Isle, check out out Hilarious Ireland Photos blog.) You could even frolic with reindeer in Alaska, rather than inciting a nervous breakdown in your colleague with your cruel reindeer mug abuse.

So before Human Resources has to step in and things get way too awkward,  sign up to spend some time with an experienced tour guide. They will help you regain the balanced perspective that is so easily lost when you’re trapped inside the restroom cubicle and you suddenly realize that a lazy colleague has made a kitten cry…. again.

For more passive aggressive office notes – visit Smosh.

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