Introducing Guide Trainer Kelsey Tonner

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We are very excited to introduce you all to someone we’ve recently been spending some time getting to know – our new friend and an über-experienced guide, Kelsey Tonner! Shortlisted for the 10th Annual World Guide Awards for 2015, he’s also making all sorts of waves in the Guide Training world.  

After spending several years leading youth groups, and writing and directing youth leadership and wilderness programs, Kelsey switched gears and became a very successful global trip leader, guide trainer, and trip development expert for Backroads Tours.

Having led week-long trips in over 15 countries around the world, he garnered in excess of 350 individual guest reviews – with an average rating of 9.8 out of 10. Impressive stuff, right? Clearly, he’s got some insider secrets about methods and techniques for guiding that just work. And best of all – he’s ready to share.

As founder of the Be a Better Guide Project – Kelsey now dedicates his time, his passion and his considerable energy to breaking down what works as a guide, and what doesn’t. Then he packages it up in quick, entertaining, and easy to consume videos and blog articles and makes them available on his website and youtube channel for free. That’s right, for free!

Check out one of his popular videos here. You may just learn something entirely new, but at the very least it will reinforce and refresh your commitment to continue the good things you’re already doing so well.

Let Kelsey know what you think by leaving a comment for him – or if you’d like to join the Be a Better Guide Community and receive a free training video every week – then sign up here

We’ll be keeping in close contact with Kelsey as we expand our guide resource offerings, and establish new value-driven partnerships that help guides grow their businesses.

We agree heartily with Kelsey who says “I think all guides, everywhere, can learn and benefit from one another – no matter where we are on the globe. Think of it as next generation tour guide training!”

As a special bonus for GuideAdvisor Guides (and for a limited time only) – Kelsey is providing free VIP access to his brand new 4 Part Video Series – Lead Amazing Tours.  Get started today using this exclusive VIP Access Pass

Do you have any specific topics that you’d like us to convince Kelsey to cover? We know he’d love to hear from you! If you’d rather leave a comment for him here, don’t worry – we’ll make sure to keep him in the loop.

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