Case Study – Impact of A Premium Listing Subscription

Joao is a tour guide and small business owner, someone maybe a lot like you.

His own website was receiving some traffic, but he wanted to grow his business.

After being interviewed and featured on the GuideAdvisor homepage, included in our re-marketing campaigns, and promoted on our social media (key Premium Listing offerings) – here’s what happened:

On The GuideAdvisor Site

  • Joao’s page views increased by 146%
  • Click-throughs to his website increased by 450%
  • The bookings he received were worth 2.5x the Premium Listing plan cost

On Joao’s Site – GuideAdvisor Visitors vs. Average Visitors

Because GuideAdvisor (GA) works diligently to find and direct targeted traffic that has expressed interest in travel & tours to your site – when they arrive their expectations and interests are already aligned directly to what your website offers. Visitor behavior on Joao’s site demonstrates that key quality difference:
  • Number of pages viewed per session by visitors from GuideAdvisor is 800% higher
  • Bounce rate of visitors from GuideAdvisor is 50% less
  • Amount of time spent onsite by visitors from GuideAdvisor is 511% longer
Here’s what Joao had to say…. “The stats really show the difference in the quality of traffic coming from GuideAdvisor – their targeting strategy works, and when I have feedback for them, they listen. It’s clear that my success is important to them and I like that!“.

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