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Spread your message effectively – where and when you want it to be seen! is the ideal place to advertise travel-related products and services. Our visitors are those who are planning for travel and are invested in researching all available options for destinations, attractions, travel goods and services, accommodation and transportation. Companies interested in targeting the travel audience benefit from reaching the user at this most influential point… the travel research and planning stage.


 GuideAdvisor Advertising Benefits:

  • Variety of placement options to suit any budget or need
  • Customized advertising packages
  • Geo-specific advertising
  • Audience targeting
  • Volume discounts
  • Results tracking (Impressions and Click Through Rates)

 Ads are native ads, and can include:

  • Company name and logo
  • General text description
  • Link to Advertiser’s website home page
  • Image / Photo
  • Text and link to Advertiser’s offering
  • Social network text and link
  • Events/promotion copy and link


Reaching Our Audience

Our rich and unique content spans a number of important areas of travel and travel planning proven to pique traveler interest.

Guide Pages

In excess of 10000 pages dedicated to introducing travelers to our amazing guides.



Trip Pages

At 12000+ pages and growing, these trip pages entice visitors from around the globe day in and day out.



Experience Pages ​

The landing pages for our adwords campaigns are tailored to the combination of location and activity a traveler has searched for – for example “Hawaii” and “Private Tour”. Information that highlights what’s unique about the combination is positioned to further whet the searcher’s appetite to learn more, while providing opportunities to market specifically to an audience with established interests.



In addition to these guide, trip and experience pages we have diverse material that is also being published daily in complementary categories – which keeps the site fresh for new visitors, and supports achieving our aggressive organic reach targets. Each of these content types provide unique advertising opportunities and as our guide and trip listings continue to exceed monthly growth targets, our audience of travelers is experiencing a corresponding expansion.

Explore Content – introduces travelers to what makes a country, region, city or landmark special – what to do while they are there, how to get around and other typical useful travel information.  This content is promoted extensively on our social media platforms and has proven very popular with higher average time spent on these pages.

Get to Know a Guide Content – by conducting in-depth interviews with Guides we go beyond their profile and trip information and bring their stories out in front of the travelers in a unique, engaging and personal way.  This content is promoted twice-weekly on our social media platforms and our guides in turn cross-promote this content to their own established traveler network.

Advice & Inspiration Content – provides true value-add topical articles that bring travelers in at a point when they are looking for ideas and answers; entertaining and informing them on common topics of interest.  This content is promoted extensively on our social media platforms.

To discuss your advertising needs and obtain details on creative specifications and rates, please email  We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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