GuideAdvisor Celebrates First Anniversary with Redesign


GuideAdvisor, a website dedicated to showcasing tour guides and adventure guides around the world, has just celebrated its first anniversary with a redesign.

Launched in October 2013, GuideAdvisor is now the fastest growing website dedicated to showcasing guides around the planet. And on the eve of its anniversary, the company rolled out a number of site improvements and redesigns to help travellers connect with those guides. From a cleaner homepage interface to the introduction of “Staff Picks,” and “Featured Guides,” users will now find it easier to search locations and activities and find guides who are right for them.

“We’ve come a long way since we showcased the first few guides and their trips on the site this time last year,” says GuideAdvisor’s founder Nick Clayton. “We now have thousands of trips and guides in over 60 countries and word is spreading that GuideAdvisor is the place to meet your tour guide or adventure guide before you go.”

Aside from more dynamic visuals and a cleaner presentation, the GuideAdvisor redesign includes the following improvements:

  • A showcase of featured guides and their trips on the homepage.
  • A display of the “Staff’s Picks, “which include favourite guides and trips as chosen by the GuideAdvisor crew.
  • Updated search functioning that allows the user to search by location, activity or name all in one field
  • A showcase of the four most recent Travelogue blog vignettes

These improvements come on the heels of strategic partnerships that GuideAdvisor is currently making, including an agreement with ZipCar in which travellers who sign up for GuideAdvisor’s VIP program (for free) are able to join Zipcar for $30 a year (rather than the normal price of $100/year). Other partnerships will be announced as GuideAdvisor head’s into its second year of operation.

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