GuideAdvisor Launches – Website Dedicated to Guides

For immediate release – A web site that aims to put humanity back into the travel experience, has just launched. allows users to book their experiences based on the person who is going to lead them and show them around, whether it’s a professional tour guide, mountain guide, adventure guide, fishing guide, etc.

GuideAdvisor is an internet startup that’s creating the most comprehensive listing of guides on the planet. The founder believes guides, and their relationship with travellers, are even more important to the travel experience than location and activity, so a human-focused website has been developed that allows travellers, tourists and explorers to book guides directly so they can create some of the best trips in the world.

“We are a group of travel and adventure enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to create something that would bring guides to the fore of the travel experience,” says founder Nick Clayton. “There are many sites and apps that focus on location, activity and price but guides always seem to get overlooked. Our mission is to bring human beings to the forefront of the decision-making process when it comes to travel and experience and we want to show the world that a guided experience is a way better trip.”

Over the next year GuideAdvisor will be contacting guides around the world, as well as operators who employ guides, and informing them about the site. Whether they are a ski guide, a tour guide at a museum, a walking guide or any other type of guide, they can create a profile on and post the types of trips and services they offer. After that, users can filter their searches based on destination and activity and then “meet” the tour guides through their profiles and decide who they want to take them on an adventure. Once their experience is complete, they will then be able to return to the site and provide feedback about the guide.

“We are experts at generating consumer demand and we plan to raise the profile of tour guides in the travel industry throughout the world,” says Nick Clayton.

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