GuideAdvisor Business Principles

In order to maintain the integrity of the GuideAdvisor community of Guides and to ensure that our mutual customers have consistently great experiences, Guides adhere to the following Business Principles. By doing so, we all achieve our goals.

As a Guide, you agree to uphold the following principles:


You are a professional, whose primary concern is to provide your customers with unique travel experiences. To that end, you always act in a friendly, calm but professional manner. You understand that everything you say and do is a reflection of you, your country and your culture. You accept that you have total responsibility for your customer’s happiness and safety. You believe that it is best to under promise and over deliver.


You believe in full and complete disclosure. All information in your guide profile and trip description pages are accurate and up-to-date. Where changes due to weather or other circumstance are possible, they are noted the trip description. You have a keen awareness of any hazards and clearly explain issues related to personal safety.


Questions regarding trip details or trip bookings are responded to as soon as possible, but no longer than within 24 hours. If you will be out of touch for a period of time, you’ve assigned a back up person to deal with any issues that arise.


Once a trip booking is confirmed, you will do your utmost to deliver the trip unless there is an illness or other exceptional circumstance. In this case, as soon as possible, you will inform GuideAdvisor so that GuideAdvisor can work with the customer to provide alternate options. In all cases, you are responsible for the successful delivery of the trip.


The full cost charged to customers will be as described in the trip description. You understand that the last thing a customer wants is to be surprised that things cost more than they expected.


Your role is critical to the success of the trip. You are passionate and are well versed in the subject matter of your trip. If you don’t know something, you are forthright about saying so and make an effort to get the answer before the end of the trip.


You are proactive and confirm and reconfirm all details of your trip, a day or two ahead of the activity. If possible, you contact the customer on the evening prior to the trip. During the trip, you anticipate events and are aware of what’s going on around you. You understand that you are responsible for the well-being of your customers and are aware of their emotional and physical safety at all times.


You understand that your job very demanding and that things won’t always run smoothly. When changes have to be made, you are clear to the customer why the change is being made. You do your best to make the customer happy at all times.

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