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Guide at a Glance

  • Locations

    Prishtina, Kosovo

  • Activities

    Heritage-History Tour, Private Tour, Sightseeing

  • Guiding Experience

    11 years

  • Languages

    Croatian, English

  • Favorite Trip

    Full Day Private Tour of Kosovo

Guide Bio

I am Valon Shkodra from Prishtina-Kosova. Since I graduated from the faculty of Ethnology in 2006 I have worked with tourists. I continued on with my schooling and finished my Masters degree in Ethnology and Folklore. I have also completed a Masters exchange for one year in Finland and participated in some training and workshops in different countries in Europe and the USA.

I have enjoyed guiding so much and have made it my career. Through this work I have made friends from different countries all over the world – I get great joy when I get an email, postcard or letter from them. One of my other motivations for guiding is that I would really like to promote my country – it is the youngest in Europe. It is a safe country, the people are very friendly, the food is very tasty and cheap, and Kosovo is very rich in historic heritage and natural views. Tourist must visit my country Kosovo because it is so unique and has influences from the West and from the East.

Valon's Reviews

  • valonshkodra

    Dear, Thank you very much for email and great words. It was my pleasure to do guide in Kosovo for your excellent group. Kosovo is small country but very reach in cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, people are very friendly your welcome any time.

  • kazuko

    2015年5月21日発のクラブツーリズムでコソボ、アルバニア、マケドニア3か国6日間ツアーに参加した際に、コソボのガイドValonさんに、私を含めた16名の観光客が大変お世話になりました。さすがヨーロッパの方です。非常に紳士な方で尊敬に当たる方でした。5月のコソボは山肌の草原に黄色い小さな花、赤い花が、いたるところに咲いていて、素朴で静かな美しい国でした。人々の心、Valonさんの心は、昔の日本人がそうであったように情熱があり、親切で、現時点ではヨーロッパの中で、一番新しい国ですが、ずっとこのままであってほしいなと思いました。 Thank you very much Mr.Valon.日本に来られた時は、今度は私が、大阪、京都、奈良、滋賀、和歌山をご案内いたしましょう!!! Translation through google translate: Kosovo in the club tourism May 21 departure, 2015, Albania, when you participate in Macedonia three countries 6 days tour, the Kosovo guide Valon’s, 16 people tourists, including me now very indebtedIt was. Indeed it is more of Europe. It was those very hit the respected gentleman person. Kosovo of May the small yellow flowers in meadows of mountain surface, red flowers, is in bloom everywhere, was rustic and quiet beautiful country. People’s minds, Valon’s mind, there is a passion as old Japanese was so, kind, in at the moment in Europe, but is the best new country, much as Na want to be in this state I think I was. Thank you very much Mr.Valon. When you came to Japan, I now have, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, let will guide the Wakayama !!!

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