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Sima Jahandideh

  • Company Website

Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    Swan Tour

  • Locations

    Isfahan, Tehran, Isfahan Province, Tehran Province, Iran

  • Activities

    Adventure, Art Tour, Desert Tour, Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing

  • Guiding Experience

    8 years

  • Languages

    English, Farsi

Guide Bio

Get To Know Iran Guide Sima Jahandideh

Having earned a Masters majoring in tourism management last year, Sima Jahandideh has a year of experience guiding people around Iran and the town where she lives, Isfahan, which has been called ‘half the world’.  As an official cultural tour guide she can show you the best places to visit in Iran and also recommend what dishes to taste. As a fluent English and Persian speaker who is also learning Italian, she can tell you all of this in three different languages!
How did you get into guiding in Iran? How did you make the transition to becoming a tour guide?

Besides studying tourism management in University, I passed a six-month course in tourism at a special institute just for tour guiding. We learned all aspects of guiding, for example, geography, history, handicraft, language and how we should behave on a tour. This course included an exam and an interview about both our knowledge and our background. Finally, they gave us an official tour guide card. So now I am an official cultural tour guide. Besides this, I passed a four-month course for ecotourism guiding so I have an international official tour guide card for ecotourism.

What kind of ecotourism do you highlight in Isfahan, or in Iran as a whole?

You know, Iran is known as a four-season country, so we have different kinds of ecotourism: jungles, mountain climbing, bird watching, beautiful waterfalls, seas, and rivers perfect for rafting.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am from Busher, a city next to the Persian Gulf. I moved to Isfahan to study, but after graduation, I decided to stay here for work, so I live in an apartment with two roommates. I like to use my time well, so I get up early and do some aerobics, then have breakfast. When I have a tour, my whole day is spent with it, and I am back home late. But routinely, I study Italian because I am an Italian tour guide too. I read history. Some days I cook lunch. When I am home, I like to chat with my friends from all over the world. I graduated in English translating with a BA, and I have a part-time job as an English teacher, two days a week.

Have you got a certain style of guiding, or do you just run with it on the day? 

The most important thing for me is being on time for my tours. And the second, because I have no background about my clients, I wait to see them and then decide how to behave with them. But I am always smiling and kind. For explaining the information about sightseeing, I always try not to overload them with information. I will explain the most important thing and then wait for any questions they ask.

How many languages do you speak? Do you get many chances to practice your Italian? What is a good phrase in Persian for first-time travellers to Iran to learn?

I can speak English fluently. I speak Italian, but it needs more work, so every day I practice and every night I talk with my best Italian friend via Skype. For more practice, I am going to travel to Italy and spend some weeks there.

A good phrase is ‘Iran is amazing ‘( ایران†زیباست†) (Iran zibast).

What is the best part of your job?

I love all parts of my job. But the amazing thing for me is the satisfied smiles of my clients.

What does the proverb ‘Isfahan is half of the world’ mean? Do you agree with it?

Sure, I agree with that. Isfahan is a green city in the middle of desert with lots of beautiful trees and an amazing river inside. It has lots of masterpieces in buildings, bridges and art. There are more than six thousand historical places in Isfahan. People have found some evidence that shows the city has seen thousands of years of civilisation. You can find all religions living together without any problems, as well as mountains, rivers, deserts, caves and more, all in one area. Besides these things, there are many kinds of handicraft in this city, all dating back to thousands of years ago, and Isfahan was also nominated as the first city of handicraft in the world.

What is your favourite thing/place to see or do in Isfahan and why?

That’s a hard question. For me, all things are beautiful and attractive. But if I have to choose, there are two places. First, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, it is amazingly beautiful and peaceful, even when it is crowded. The second,  Jame mosque (Atigh mosque), it is not just a mosque, it is a museum covering more than 11 centuries, and it is wonderful.

What one thing must first-time travellers to Isfahan see, and why? What one meal or dish should they try, and why?

It is obvious, Naghsh-e Jahan Square is the first, they will never tire of that, even if they spend more than five hours there. Beryan, Khoresht mast, dogh-goshfil (sweet) are favourite foods in Isfahan.

Every job has its ups and downs. Are there any aspects of your job that you don’t like or aren’t that keen on?

I love my job, even in its stressful times. I am never tired when I am on a tour.

As an experienced guide yourself, can you explain to our readers what the benefits of hiring a guide are?

When you hire a tour guide, the first and most important aspect is saving your time, because the tour guide knows how to manage your time so that you see all the main sights and enjoy yourself. The guide is a knowledgeable person who gives you all the information and stories about the sights. They are one person of whom you can ask any questions about culture, people and the very thing you’re looking at because your guide is a professional local person. The tour guide can take you to some special places that are not mentioned in any guide books. Even when you want to buy something, the guide can help you to buy the best quality goods at a reasonable price.

In your view, what makes a good tour guide?

A good tour guide should be a flexible person because in every tour there are different people, and the guide should know how to behave with them. The guide should be a knowledgeable person about history, speak fluently in his or her professional language, be an easy going and a kind person, know all the sights perfectly, and be on time.


My name is Sima Jahandideh, an English-speaking incoming tour guide of Iran who has graduated in tourism management. I carry a master degree and my major is tourism planing.

I have worked with different nationalities like American, Canadian, Australian, European and Asian dear tourists.
With all them, I tried to share my cultural, architectural, historical information about Iran.
Showing different aspects of Iran, iranian hospitality, and etc to dear tourists is what am doing my best for.

From north east of Iran, through desert, to north west of the country, I have taken groups in tours. It has been also done in south, plateau and central parts of Persia. I’ve experienced almost entire the country.

Last, I try to create memorable experience for You.

Kindest&Warmest Regards


Sima Jahandideh's Reviews

  • Martin Kear

    Sima was our guide for two weeks through Iran on our camping/hotel trip with Oasis Overland. She was always a very reliable, friendly, informative and professional guide. Sima is very knowledgeable about Iran and clearly loved showing us the best places to go and things to do at each destination. I very much enjoyed her explanations at each sight we visited and found our discussions on daily life in Iran super interesting. I thoroughly recommend Sima as a guide for destinations throughout Iran!Thanks very much for everything Sima and I wish you all the best for the future.

  • Kevin

    Sima traveled with our Oasis Overland group for two weeks in 2016. She met us at the border and accompanied us to Mashad, Yazd, Shiraz, Persepolis, Isfahan, Tehran and Tabriz. Sima integrated easily into our group, who had been traveling together for weeks before meeting up with her. She was friendly and knowledgeable, whether discussing ancient history or where to find the local specialties in Isfahan. It was a pleasure traveling through Iran with her.

  • Tom Elliott

    Sima was our guide through Iran with Oasis Overland for two weeks. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable we could not have asked for a better guide. Sima ensured we visited all of the best places in Iran and provided insights that meant we came away feeling we really got to know the beauty of her country.

  • Lauren

    Sima was a fantastic guide when we were on a group tour with Oasis Overland. We visited many cities and in each she gave us the history and interesting information about the sites. She was very friendly and became more like a friend showing you her country than a guide. I loved Iran- its beautiful, and I’d love to go back!

  • Jean-Marc

    Sima was our tour guide in the city of Tehran, and Golestan Palace. I enjoyed a lot her explanations and enthusiam during this oustanding and unforgettable tour!

  • Ally Stein

    Sima was our guide for our trip through Iran with Oasis Overland. Sima quickly became part of our group & it was great having her with us! Sima was a big help & made traveling through Iran so much easier. She got stuck into all aspects of the trip, camping & cooking with us & sharing her ideas & knowledge about Iran. It was great getting to know Sima & I would recommend her as a guide :)

  • Yacine

    We were a group of 35 tourists (from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, China and France). She conducted our tour inside the city of Tehran with a lot of professionalism. We learned many historical informations with her. The explanations she given on Golestan Palace let us feel such as we were there at the period of Qajar’s shahs. I strongly recommend Sima for each tourist or group of tourists who want to discover culture and history of Iran. Personally, I will come back soon to Iran in order to visit Isfahan. I will surely ask the services of Sima.

  • Lester

    Sima was our guide on an Oasis Overland truck tour when we passed through Iran for 2 weeks in 2016. She travelled with us and was calm, helpful, informative and dependable. She took us to local restaurants and all the best sights. She likes walking so you better be fit! Sima is not reticent about tellIng it how it is in present day Iran but loves her country and its history. We felt safe with her.

  • Jolanda

    We where in Iran last september. Sima has accompanied us two days un Teheran.
    We wish that she would guide us trougout for three weeks. Sima is a very professional guide.
    It was a pleasure to have her as our giude. Thank you for everything.
    You where our guide and became our friend.

  • Karin Meeng-Vink

    We (a group of 4 Dutch people) met Sima last September in Teheran, as we started our 3-week tour through the beautiful Iran. She was our guide in Teheran for 2 days and she showed us really everything. She is a very kind, lovable person. She speaks English very well and she has a lot of knowledge about the places we visited, so we were very happy with her! She also took us to local restaurants to taste the food and drinks and gave us all kinds of extra information. Because some places were closed, she made a new schedule for us, so we could visit it on another day.
    Perfect! We will for sure come back to Iran and hope to meet her there again.
    Thumbs up for her!! :-) THANK YOU SIMA!!! You made our stay in Teheran unforgetable!

  • Pascal

    J’ai eu le plaisir d’avoir Sima comme guide privé lors de mon passage à Ispahan. Je ne peux que vanter sa compétence, son dévouement et sa gentillesse. Pendant deux jours elle m’a fait visiter les plus beaux sites de la ville, sans hâte, en prenant le temps de nous reposer dans les magnifiques jardins. Nous avons déjeuné dans des restaurants typiques et elle m’a initié aux plats traditionnels iraniens. Elle m’a appris beaucoup sur la culture perse. Si je dois retourner en Iran et c’est tres probable je ne manquerai pas de faire appel à elle.
    I had the pleasure of having as Sima private guide during my visit to Isfahan. I can only praise his ability, dedication and kindness. For two days she showed me around the beautiful sights of the city , without haste , taking the time to rest in the beautiful gardens . We had lunch in typical restaurants and she introduced me to the Iranian traditional dishes. She taught me a lot about the Persian culture. If I have to go back to Iran and it’s very likely I will not fail to use it

  • Marzban

    We were a large group of travelers from India, visiting ancient Zoroastrian sites. Sima was our guide for the first two days only, although we wish she was there throughout our three-week tour. With a smile that can brighten up even the dullest morning and good intricate knowledge about the various spots, Sima took us on a great tour through the Gulestan Palace in Tehran and Persepolis.

    Besides the historical sites, Sima also has deep knowledge of the spots to get the best local cuisine – away from the drab 5-star buffets. We went to a delightful old tavern to have the famous Dizi – a delicious blend of meat, beans, tomatoes and gravy, all wolfed down with great heaps of nan, finishing of with black tea and a lovely sweet.

    I would highly recommend Sima to anyone – a single, a family, or a group. She will make you see the real Iran. Period.

  • Nathan

    Although I only had a short time in Isfahan, having Sima as my guide around the city definitely made it one of my favorite cities that I visited while in Iran. Her insights and comprehensive knowledge about the city shone through at every place visited, and her high energy and friendliness made my stay in Isfahan memorable. Thanks again!

  • Candice

    I had Sima as my tour guide in Isfahan. She made it a wonderful trip, I’m glad I had her to take me around Isfahan. Thank you!

  • Célia & Francisco Marques

    Olá Sima. It was a good pleasure to meet you in our first time in Iran. Isfahan is really the most beautiful place in the country. And you really made it so with your kindness, availability and advice. You clearly make all the efforts to please your tourists (friends). Iran is indeed an amazing place for its different and extremely pleasant culture and way of life. And also a very safe country! Cheers Célia and Francisco

  • Mauro Vitale

    We made two trips to Iran with Sima and will return again. Sima has always accomodated us and his proposals were excellent. Recommend all my friends a guide like her, good, competent, and full of initiative

  • Liz

    I am so glad that Sima was my tour guide in Isfahan – she made it the highlight of my time in Iran! Sima is so passionate about guiding and ensures that your time in the city is not only informative and enjoyable but also individually tailored to your interests. She knows the city so well and introduced me to many hidden gems, making my time in the city so much fun. Sima is professional and charming – her brilliant smile means that you are never in bad spirits. She comes highly recommended and will make you stay in Isfahan infinitely better!

  • Paula Campos

    Sima made my trip to Isfahan unforgettable! She is a dedidicated, responsible, warm and super fun! professional. No detail escape her and the most important one, she relates with her clients at a personal level, making her the best travel mate! She understands what you need and will personalize your trip. Highly recommended for Ladies travelling alone. THANK YOU SIMA!

  • George

    I hired Sima Jahandideh as my private tour guide in Isfahan and she was honest,kind,charming and most knowledgeable. I did enjoy so much this tour then I extended her service for another thre days in Teheran.She is well organized and always on time. Sima took me to local cafes and restaurants to experience the real food and drinks of Teheran and Isfahan and that was truly great experience. She has incredible grasp of the city. Most of all she would share things with you that you would never find like Iranian culture and everyday life. I would highly recommend Sima and Swan Tour and Travel to all.

  • Antonio

    Unforgettable emotional journey and experiential. Great professionalism, punctuality and honesty. Broad cultural education and high-level. Definitely to be recommended. I’ll be back soon.

Swan Tour

My name is Sima Jahandideh. I live in Isfahan, Iran. I graduated in tourism management in MA. I'm a bilingual cultural and ecotourism tour guide (English & Italian).I'm proud to announce that tourism is booming in Iran and my real passion is meeting new people and introducing Iran's amazing culture and sightseeing to them.

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