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Paul Washington

  • Company Website

Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    Reggae Horseback & Jamaica Tours

  • Locations

    Negril, Caribbean, Jamaica

  • Activities

    Adventure, Horseback, Private Tour, Sightseeing

  • Guiding Experience

    18 years

  • Languages


  • Favorite Trip

    Reggae Horseback Ride n' Swim

Guide Bio

Get To Know Jamaica Guide Paul Washington

Growing up on a 900 acre farm in Jamaica, Paul Washington turned from investment banking to guiding in 2004, following a passion equal to that which scored him a football scholarship to the United States to study. He specialises in horseback tours of the island nation’s waterfalls and beaches, and even takes clients swimming with their horses.
How did you make the transition from investment banker to guiding?

Living in the community of Bay Road, Westmoreland, Jamaica, my father moved the family to his 900 acre farm when I was six years old and my early passion for nature and animals was established. Summers would see me working with Dad, hunting, fishing, clearing bushes with a machete, going to the beach, enjoying the warm climate, and our family would occasionally visit the many natural attractions in Jamaica. After college in Rochester, New York, [I took] vacations to visit the amazing Dunn’s River Falls and YS Waterfalls, to enjoy horseback riding on the beach and so my “passion for life” was to explore the beautiful island of Jamaica, which has now become my lifetime dream.

I had been “guiding” clients’ investments for my corporate career and this transition to “tour guiding ” is by far my most passionate and best career choice.

Why is guiding your passion? 

As an investment banker, I was not sure if that was my purpose in life. What was certain was that I loved soccer and I was so passionate about it that it earned me a soccer scholarship from Jamaica to college in New York. When I discovered guiding, I knew immediately that I had found this same passion, and ultimately my purpose in life!

I am having fun. It is very interesting. I meet different people from different parts of the world, learning about different cultures and just how beautiful it is to know that we all share the same stories, and [that] the bottom line is that everyone is just trying to find “happiness”. Guiding has brought me happiness.

How long have you been guiding?

Since 2004, when I left corporate banking.

What type of tours do you specialise in?

I specialise in trail horseback and beach riding, horse and carriage riding to the beach, [riding] horses [while] swimming in the ocean and cascading waterfalls

[I took] vacations to visit the amazing Dunn’s River Falls and YS Waterfalls and I enjoyed horseback riding on the beach, so “my passion for life” was to explore beautiful Jamaica, including the Jamaica Appleton Rum Factory and the Bob Marley Museum, because these are all in different regions of Jamaica. I facilitate driving around and seeing Jamaica and its natural beauty.

What is your favourite tour or activity?

My two favorite tours are the tailored horseback Beach Ride ‘n’ Swim tour and the Cascading Waterfalls of Jamaica tour because they are both safe and adventurous activities that are lots of fun for beginners and experts, where no prior experience is needed and visitors see the beauty of Jamaica’s eco- and nature-lovers’ paradise.

What type of tours do you offer that show visitors the “real Jamaica”?

My tours typically are not tourist traps, neither are they ‘commercial’ ones (unless requested), [going] where everyone takes tourists to visit but the natural settings have been converted and areas painted to make it look bright an attractive.

My horseback trail, Beach Ride ‘n’ Swim and Waterfalls are not typical tours, and our tours are not scripted. Our guides are local to the area, and know all our herbs and spices, trees, the fruit that we eat on tour, [which is] picked from the trees, and [they also] teach the culture of the real Jamaica. Our waterfalls are some of Jamaica’s hidden treasures, and sipping a cold Red Stripe beer on the 18th Century horse and carriage tour to the beach allows our visitors to experience a true nature lover’s paradise.

Visitors will find that the food market and town shopping, as well as buying fish and bammy at the border, is an experience to remember.

My certificates are from the Jamaica Tourist Board, which certifies everyone to be a trained tour guide with the skills required.

Do you have a certain style of guiding?

I have a very jovial and unscripted delivery, but I always ensure that I develop a relationship with my guest to understand how to relate to them. I have a natural comic style, which breaks the ice most of the time even when one spouse is not too keen on doing the tour. I watch the body language among partners to identify who I need to break the ice with and ask open ended questions, then [introduce] interesting topics: shopping, sports, and employment, to measure or gauge their responses to determine mood, preferences and a general direction of conversation.

I am very comfortable with any guest, to prepare them for a fun experience.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There are no typical days but I check my email very early (5:00 to 6:00 am), verifying confirmations of tours, breakfasts and organising the tour guides with their schedules and tours, then at about 8:00 am, I’m off to visit hotels for different orientations (if I have no scheduled tours). If I have my personal tours, I am gone at 8:00 am until the afternoon or late evening with my all-day tours.

What is the best part of your job, and what are the challenges?

The best part of my job is seeing the satisfaction that my guests get upon completing my tours. It’s refreshing to know that I have delivered and that I have exceeded their expectations.

The most challenging [aspect] is trying to facilitate tours that are requested to be completed within a limited time.

What’s the most bizarre experience you have had on a guided tour?

I had a couple that I took horseback riding but they had only been dating for three weeks. For every tour, I always take a picture of my guests and tell them [it's] “just in case they do not make it back”. Well, the boyfriend did not want to take a picture with his girlfriend and she was very upset. Needless to say she did not enjoy herself on the tour – I had to ask a friend to take them back to their hotel, but my friend heard them fighting in the car and offered to take them for lunch. Well, this guy was more interested in talking to my friend and we all know what happened next!

Can you tell our readers what the benefit is of hiring a guide in Jamaica?

In Jamaica, guides know how to add value to any tour without an additional cost and [you wouldn't be] aware of the added value until it is included. This makes you feel much safer, but having a guide also cuts back on wasted time, as they can quickly assess what you like and therefore plan activities to suit your personality. This may be stopping at a hidden rustic spot for food, secret adventures, an early childhood school, a local town to shop, the food market and enjoying Jamaican beef patties, catching fish at the river, or just additional experiences.

The privilege that I had was to attend college in the US and I lived in Toronto for nine years, which has totally broadened my conversations and [I can compare] with my guests about life, nature, environmental issues and a general overview of the important things in life. A Jamaican guide is beneficial to any visitor as our knowledge about places to visit, fun and unusual trips that are not tourist traps, exploring mountains, cascading waterfalls, hidden beaches, the discovering of inexpensive villas and hotels located in interesting corners, would never be discovered without a guide. A Jamaican guide will only improve your experience and possibly remove that hidden psychological uncertainty about what to expect. This must be the single most important aspect of hiring a guide.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Jamaica! Jamaica! JAMAICA!

The food is great, it’s spicy like the people. The people of Jamaica have a very laid back, casual and friendly approach, are easy to speak to and you feel at home in no time, regardless of who you are or what you look like. Jamaicans have a very friendly, warm and genuine demeanour.

The little island of Jamaica encapsulates everything Caribbean, with extraordinary coastal features, natural rivers, unusual flora and fauna, mountains, and more in abundance.


Paul went to college at Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York on a soccer scholarship. After completing college, he worked as a manager for Champs Sports Store in the Walden Galleria & Eastern Hills Shopping Mall, Buffalo, New York before moving to Toronto, Canada where he completed a post-graduate diploma in marketing and then became a Licensed Financial Adviser for 9 years.

Returning to Jamaica as an investment banker in 2002, Paul quickly realized his true passion for life was to explore and enjoy the amazing natural waterfalls and the many adventures / beautiful sightseeing hidden treasures throughout Jamaica. Paul grew up on this 900-acre eco-tourism property which boasts the most picturesque mountainside view, turquoise water along a rustic & Private One Mile Beach. You are invited to swim these waters, and eat delicious Jamaican jerk chicken before you visit our other hidden treasures of natural waterfalls.

Come and experience Jamaica with Jamaica’s # 1 horseback riding Operator & TourGuide Paul Washington. Visit our breathtaking mountains, mineral springs & amazing cascading waterfalls, Ricks Cafe’ – voted one of the world’s top 10 Best Bars. Paul takes pleasure in introducing you to mouth-watering jerk chicken & pork made fresh with Jamaican herbs & spices. Paul truly enjoys showing visitors why Jamaica is considered a true nature lover’s paradise!

He will help you experience the real Jamaica, and that will make you come back. Some of his tours are not traditional, such as visits to schools, communities, cities, and other Jamaican experiences that offer vast insights about the people, food, culture & music of Jamaica, including Bob Marley. Everyone enjoys Paul’s tours as he is knowledgeable, educated, well traveled, corporately experienced, played US college soccer, loves golfing and grew up on a farm where his grandfather was a veterinarian. Paul is your operator/guide for all your Jamaican experiences. Best hotel rates? Contact Paul!

Reggae Horseback & Jamaica Tours

Reggae Horseback Riding has been offering tours for over 11 years. With our extraordinary horseback trails and the most picturesque mountainside view from the one-mile beach, ride & swim these amazing & gentle reggae horses. We have built a reputation for offering ONLY private & personalized tours throughout Jamaica, ensuring all our guests leave very satisfied.

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