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Jana Muriel Preti

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As a child growing up in the communist Czechoslovakia I already longed to know what is hidden behind the horizon, to touch and taste distant countries. I spent hours browsing the geography textbook and planning my journeys. But this was just a dream for a girl born behind the Iron Curtain.

Later I studied translation and history of art and I hoped that foreign languages might open the door for me – the door I knew must be hidden somewhere in this obscure curtain. The freedom came with the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and suddenly everything was easy. In the nineties I lived in Spain and France, but I realized more and more that my place was here, in the Czech Republic, although my open and spontaneous character must repeatedly contend with the shadows hovering over this country from time to time.

When I came back to Prague, I started my career as a translator. The EU directives I was translating on daily basis gave me a cheeky Kafkaesque grimace as soon as I opened my computer. I realized I must swap the keyboard for an umbrella and started to work as a guide. This has made it possible for me to share what I really love – beauty, art, people´s stories. And so I became a “bridge” connecting and bridging different cultures. This is an image I naturally identify with both when I lead guided tours in the Czech Republic and when I travel alone. Today, after having travelled to over forty countries (yes, I never gave up my dream) I feel that I should stop chasing one new image of reality after another and rather stay longer in different countries. With this in mind, Thailand has become my second home.

Each tour is different, created during mutual interaction: I will introduce you to the city of Prague, almost 1000 year old lady, where I have lived for more than 25 years. Its flirty charm has never ceased to surprise me. And I will also show you beautiful small towns, situated in picturesque landscape with green hills – different points of view, different contexts.

And here you can find individual facets of Prague that I would love to introduce you to:

…a surprising melting pot of a variety of architecture styles. In Prague this mixture is characterized by remarkable elegance and harmony – a real life textbook of architecture…and by the way – it is exactly this interweaving of individual époques and styles that make this city so special within Europe.

…the Jewish culture, inseparable from Prague for more than a thousand years. I have worked as an official guide in the Jewish town for many many years and in a way the issue of a town within town surviving miraculously until today is very personal to me. The Jewish town represents the best preserved collection of Jewish monuments in Europe.

…kaleidoscope of art and styles – from medieval art and its impressive artifacts in the so called “Beautiful” or “Soft” style, restless and distressing Baroque sculptures and frescos to Cubist style and Art Nouveau – emblematic in the Czech lands. And of course I will also point out the provocative work of contemporary artists or spiritual art relaxing the mind;

…human face of history; I perceive great historic events as a framework for individual human destinies – those are more interesting and touching to me personally than the anonymous “grand history”;

…spiritual and esoteric Prague: the city represents an actual manual to sacred geometry as well as a dictionary of magic symbols of those, who can read them. It is a place with many locuses of power, where W.A. Mozart drew his inspiration, when meeting with his Free Mason friends;

…traces of five war years in the capital. The time when the city and its inhabitants suffocated under the Nazi oppression – Sudetes, the occupation, brave men and women in the resistance movement, the assassination of Heydrich, Prague uprising, liberation;

…forty years of communism: what was life like behind the Iron Curtain, The Prague Spring, “live torches”, the power of the powerless, grey years of so called “normalization”, Václav Havel leadership, The Velvet Revolution…and freedom;

…Prague and photography – I am myself an enthusiastic photographer; owing to the fact I was walking the pavements of this city and the roads of this land for more than two decades, I have a list of places, unusual angles, from which to take the shots and thus make them look gorgeous…and I am always on hand to push the trigger button on your camera…:)

…the best beer in the world, a cup of tea (we drink more of this beverage than the English do), a tasty meal… this country is right in the middle of a culinary revolution: it is better to know where the gourmets eat, rather than having a nasty experience…

…there are infinite number of ways how to approach a city tour. Possibilities are enormous. I would definitely appreciate it if you just write to me what you´d like (and what you would not);

…and maybe together we may touch if only for a tiny while the soul of this picturesque country in the heart of Europe and its inhabitants. As a poet says:the road is made by walking“.

Prague Arts Tour

* English * Español * Français * Português *

Jana Muriel Preti, graduated from Charles University in 1995, invites you to walk the living labyrinth of Prague´s cobbled streets, off the beaten paths and significant art galleries with her or with some of her colleagues.

As founder of the Prague Arts Tour agency and an enthusiastic guide, art lover and myself a globe-trotter, I offer high quality tours and trips in Prague and the Czech Republic, as well as transport services (Czech Republic, abroad).

All the tours are accompanied by licensed guides with a wide cultural background. Every tour is tailor-made to meet your specific choices (itinerary, monuments, various transport options).

We do not offer multilingual group tours, which is reflected in our rates that offer an excellent price / quality ratio.

Experience with the knowledgeable locals who make it with love!

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