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Huong Lien Nguyen

  • Company Website

Licenses and Certifications


Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    I Love Vietnam Tour

  • Locations

    Hue, Vietnam

  • Activities

    Food Tour, Heritage-History Tour, Lifestyle, Motorbike Tour, Nightlife Tour, Sightseeing

  • Guiding Experience

    10 years

  • Languages

    English, Vietnamese

  • Favorite Trip

    I Love Hue Tour

  • Licenses/Certifications

    International Tour Guide

Guide Bio

I am a passionate young woman who wants to explore many different opportunities in life. I like to meet people to learn and share experiences. I dream to be a young leader and to take ownership of my life. One quote, which I really love, is “if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” That quote gives me the motivation to make something different for my life.

At the moment, I have a small business in tourism, which is called I Love Hue Tour. The goals of this business are to give female university students an opportunity to speak English with foreigners, through work, and to help give back to the local community. I love to be a tour guide because i would love to show the tourists how beautiful my country is.

Huong Lien Nguyen's Reviews

  • Mua Thu

    Awsome Tour !!!
    We actually have a lot of experiences with I LOVE HUE TOUR. My friend booked the Hue Street Food By Night Tour from this company. And it was amazing! They were picking up us at the hotel by motorbike. The drivers are lovely girls and always smiling. We had so much fun because they always made us laugh a lots.
    Additionally ,the leader – Ms Lien is very crazy, she’s so humorous and we had a happy night together. They always said “ I LOVE HUE’. They were so cute and we also said
    “ WE LOVE HUE”. That’s true! This is the first time we come to Hue and we really lucky to meet some great people. They inspired us the Love for Hue city – the land we came ! We actually high recommend about ” Hue Street Food tour” and their team. That’s an amazing team! If we have an opportunity , I definitely come back Hue ! Once more time , We would love to say : “ WE LOVE HUE “

  • Thuy

    Such a great day with I LOVE HUE TOUR!
    My boy friend and I had a fantastic time tonight on the Hue street food tour. Lien is a passionate girl we have ever met, she and her staffs made us laugh so hard lol :))). All the food is really amazing, we like “bun bo Hue” ( special noodle soup) most, the flavor is extremely special.
    I will turn back Hue a day not far and I LOVE HUE TOUR is our top choice.

  • Eamon

    I did the night food tour, and absolutely loved it. Lien is very passionate about her business and Hue, and her love and enthusiasm for the city is infectious. She is a great host – funny, friendly and great to chat to over some terrific food. We had more than enough different dishes, and they were all delicious. Afterwards, she also took me for some of the best coffee I’ve had in Vietnam! This tour was a great way to eat at some places I normally wouldn’t know about and was good value for money. I definitely recommend it!

  • Ann

    I did a night food tour with Lien and her girls and it was just incredible! I felt so safe riding on the back of the scooter (as did my 70 year old father!) and the local food we had was incredible. Definitely come with an empty stomach because we ate so much!
    Two days later I did a countryside day tour. The scenery was just stunning. It was a lot of riding but we got to some really secluded areas and had the most amazing lunch at a local restaurant on the water.
    Lien was so friendly and nice and her staff were just as great. They loved practicing their English with us and made the trip so wonderful.
    A definite must do if you go to Hue. It’s a great way to get a local feel for the city.

  • Sinisa

    I love hue there is anything to say about Ms Lien is that the reviews here don’t do her justice… I am a major foodie and took a night food tour with ‘I love Hue Tours’. It was simply amazing – Liam and her team, listen, adapt and if necessary deviate from their original route to make your experience fantastic. She loves what she does, she loves Hue and you can feel she does everything in her power to make your stay memorable. 10/10 would recommend her to my friends.

  • Chrissy

    If you want to meet a couple of really really awesome girls and get to see the countryside and the real life of hue you definitely have to book a tour with “I love Hue” Beeing only 21 years old Lien is such an amazing and fascinating person. She will infect you with her love for hue and you will instantly feel how passionate she is about showing you the best spots of hue. I really loved the time with her and the other girls fron her little company. First Hue and then the Rest of Vietnam. I wish her all the best for the future and i think she will make it pretty damn good ;-)

  • Vicci Gallimore

    We only had one full day in Hue and after reading several Tripadvisor reviews we decided to book the I love Hue tour. No regrets. We had great fun. Len and her girls are like rays of sunshine. They took us to some beautiful sights that many other tour guides do not offer. We visited a beautiful little village…

  • Cynthia Jordorn

    ” What a wonderful day with Hue Motorbike Tour from I LOVE HUE TOUR”

    I had a wonderful time in my life when I visited Hue ,Vietnam. I love Hue Tour was an amazing tour shown me about real vietnamese culture. This business run by a young woman who is Lien ( the Queen of Hue . she has passionate in tourism and making everyone love Hue by her tours even me. I kept say I Love Hue all the time when I went on this tour. I felt safe on the motorbike with the lady riders. They took care me really well. I visited some new sights of Hue that Lien organized for me as Princess temple, Thai pagoda, Village and especially I had a wonderful lunch in the lagoon. I felt in love with Hue because of Lien as her work. Its an awesome woman I have met in this world. She made me happy and I enjoyed the tour so much. I recommend for everyone about this tour. You will never regret with I Love Hue Tour with a lot of fun and seeing the real life of Vietnam. Lien said she wants to encourage the tourists to stay in Hue longer and explore this beautiful city. I am totally agree with Lien that Hue is a wonderful city and everyone need to spend more time here. I just want to say that I LOVE HUE. I will come back some day to see this city again and even I want to live here too. A day I will never forget. Thanks Lien <3

    • Huong Lien Nguyen

      Thank you so much, Ms.Cynthia.
      I miss you.
      Wishing you all the best! :)

  • Lien Nguyen

    Dear Ms.Vicky,

    First of all, I would like to say sorry to you.
    Hopefully you can forgive me.
    However, I want to say something with you.
    No one is perfect in this world. Sometimes, the emergency came suddenly and I have to know what I should solve the problems. I am not perfect as everyone think because life always give me lessons everyday. May lady riders are good in my opinion. I can not cut myself to many Lien in this world for all the tourists whenever they need. I am also not a robot that i cant work without resting.

    If you say so, do you remember the name of lady was riding you? I want to figure out who was guiding you since all my staffs know many sights of Hue. I dont think they were cheating me.

    I am looking forward to seeing your reply.

    Thank you.

  • mjb98105

    “A nice experience, but rough around the edges. Needs to improve.”

    I will begin by saying I had an absolutely lovely experience with hue motorbike, but not the advertised experience. This seems to be an attempt to imitate the success of XOTours in Saigon, but the service and quality of the English spoken do not come close to matching XO. The business is run by the very entrepreneurial Liem. I booked over the phone and the phone number on the website turns out to be an agency with which she contracts. The agency told me I would be picked up at 6PM. In fact, Liem said it should have been 630. This was important as I arrived Hue airport at 515 and rushed to be available at 6PM, yet nobody came until I called at 620.

    My driver was an unbelievably sweet and nice university student whose English was marginal. Liem asked me about her English and I indicated it was not what I expected from the website. I then noticed that my adorable guide was near tears the rest of the evening and was unbelievably apologetic. I felt like a complete cad as this poor girl was new and trying to make it as a guide. Well, I enjoyed meeting her and tour was nice enough, but the experience made me feel terrible. Liem needs to screen for better English skills.

    I then booked a tour to the Hue tombs for the next day. Liem told me she had another couple, we would be picked up at 830, and then go on our tour. She would guide. The next morning I received a text that the other couple preferred noon so she just sent a motorbike but she did not guide. The motorbike driver, whom she said had good English, again turned out to be barely understandable (and I am a native speaker of English) and kept telling me she was just a driver, not a guide. So my guided tour was not really that. Having said that, I had a wonderful time talking with her about her life, her aspirations, etc. It was a lovely day, just not what was advertised.

    • Lien Nguyen


      I just want to say with you that I am so sorry for my mistakes about the company.

      However, I want to tell you sth before you are going to talk about my staffs.
      Well… When you told abt english skills of a non-native english speaker you should understand that its not our original language. I really wanted to guide you in that day but the reason is the other group wanted me to guide them and I couldnt say no. That thing came suddenly and I had to manage. If this world have many Lien as me I think that will be perfect for every tours. Unluckily, everyone is not the same and I need to know how to develop the company as u said. I am not perfect and I think I cant divide myself for all the tourists who need me in the same day.

      Thank you and wishing you all the best!


  • Vickychan329

    I am extremely upset. I booked the hue bike tour in advance and get confirmation that lien will come. I was told the name of the guide who would pick me up and the next day someone else showed up. She only spoke a little English and said that she doesn’t normally do yours but the other girl couldn’t make it so she was filling in. She told me the itinerary and she said that we would only see 1 of the 3 tombs. I asked about the other two and she said she didn’t know the way to one and eventually agreed to take me to a second tomb. Due to either her lack of English skills or lack of knowledge she wasn’t able to tell me much about the sites. That was pretty disappointing as there is not much information at the locations. She dropped me off at the citadel around 1:30 and the tour was over. Bummer.

I Love Vietnam Tour

We are a sightseeing tour company that offers unique tours of 5 cities in Vietnam: Ha noi, Hoi an, Hue, Da nang, Sai gon . We are a group of lady students who are passionate about tourism and love sharing our knowledge of Vietnamese culture and history with visitors. Guests ride on the back of motorbikes, expertly (and safely) driven by our passionate Lady Riders. The guests receive ‘I love Vietnam’ T-shirts which they wear during the tour, as do the Lady Riders.

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