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Koda Chris

  • Company Website

Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    Koda Sail

  • Locations

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Activities

    Boat Tour, Sightseeing

  • Guiding Experience

    12 years

  • Languages


  • Awards

    5th place - Tour Radar Guide of the Year award 2015

  • Favorite Trip

    Dalmatian Voyager

Guide Bio

From what started out as a short 2 month trip back in 2010, has now turned into a lifestyle for me. I’ve been traveling on and off for the past 14 years, but now have decided that this is it, this is what I was born to do!

My travels have taken me to 51 countries so far (there’s still more on my list!), but whenever someone asks me where my favorite place in the world is, my response is ALWAYS Croatia!

It’s such an amazing country, I’m totally in love with it! Cities like Dubrovnik and Split are enriched in so much history, they still give me goosebumps. The people here are so friendly, helpful and very entertaining. I’ve made many local friends here over the years and can’t wait to get back here every summer.

Koda Sail

So, you’ve come this far, you’ve done your research and you’ve been Googling your little fingers off to finally make it here! But now you want to know “Who are Koda Sail?” Just like a first date, first impressions count, so we hope you like what you see so far. We at Koda Sail absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do. We’re a team of experienced travelers that have worked in the tourism industry for some time now. After gaining valuable experience from working with different companies around the world, it was time to bring these skills to Croatia. Having the opportunity to share our extensive travel experience and help travelers enjoy the best vacation of their lives by getting the most out of every day is a pretty sweet gig. What's not to love?! What makes our tours different from the others? For many years we’ve had young passengers say to us that just because they are young, doesn’t mean they don’t want some luxury while on tour. We agreed and felt like there wasn’t really a market for these 'young professional' passengers. Their only option was to join an oldies tour if they wanted some luxury travel, but run the risk of having no one in their age group to hang with. To cater for this we decided to mix both styles, budget and luxury. Our tours still come into the budget-pricing category but we are able to offer a more stylish tour. Basically, with us, you get a Ferrari on a Toyota budget! We’ve joined forces and are here to put all the great ideas collected along the way into one amazing tour. All the things that we liked from our past experiences, we’ve made sure we tick those boxes, but we are taking it up a notch. We have new A+ category boats with private en-suites and air-conditioned cabins at no extra cost. We have a local chef on board with us smashing out some amazing dishes to keep your belly full. But most importantly, our Koda Sail team are amazing and have loads of experience. One of our guides made the Top 5 in the ‘Guide of the Year’ awards last year. So we are confident that our passengers are getting the best of the best out there on the seas. These are just a few of the small things we are doing to put together the perfect experience for our travelers and separating us from the others to make Koda Sail the tour to be on this summer!

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