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Capt. Richard Alan Yvon

  • Company Website

Licenses and Certifications


Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    Twin Maple Outdoors

  • Locations

    Bangor, Bradford, Maine, United States

  • Activities

    Adventure, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Nature, Outdoor, Wildlife Tour

  • Guiding Experience

    43 years

  • Languages


  • Awards

    Endorsed by Yamaha G3 and Professional Staff for NuCast , Dexter Outdoors, Daddy Mac Lures, Jiffy Drills, Excel Outdoors, Tauten Sports and Nebulus.

  • Favorite Trip

    Maine Brooke Trout, Land Lock Salmon and Small Mouth Bass

  • Licenses/Certifications

    Registered Maine Guide

Guide Bio

Get To Know Fishing Guide Richard Yvon

Richard Yvon of Twin Maple Outdoors counts fishing and moose tours as among his specialities. He takes some time to talk to us about his passion for the state of Maine.
What’s your area of expertise?

I have an outdoor recreation company in the state of Maine. So I do fishing, recreation, tours, hiking, and camping. 80% of my business is guided fishing tours.

I have several boats and kayaks so I do a lot of speciality tours.

I also do moose tours, or I call them safaris. I take people out on my boat to remote areas to take pictures of the animals and such.

How did you get into it?

I’ve been doing it my whole life. I was schooled in northern Maine so I grew up doing it.

How did you make the transition to being a guide?

I worked in the building automation field for several years but I got out of that. Now this is my “downhill slope” job.

I’m also building a couple of cabins for people to stay at. I’m working for myself and I really enjoy it – but I’m busier now than I ever have been!

What’s a typical day like for you?

If it’s a booked fishing trip, then I have to prepare the night before and make all the lunches – my wife usually helps me out with that!

We always provide refreshments and for a full-day trip we supply lunch – usually cold sandwiches or a hot lunch such as a grill with hamburgers, hot dogs and that sort of thing.

Then, we’ll take a Jet boat trip on the river targeting different types of fish.

If it’s a moose tour, then it’s the same deal – I prepare the lunches, get the equipment ready, then we meet the people here at the farm or designate an area to meet.

Do you guarantee a moose sighting?

I don’t make any guarantees like that but I do have 100% success on seeing moose.

But somebody who makes any kind of guarantee, I’d think twice about using him because that’s kind of taboo. I don’t even guarantee people will have fun – it’s a two-way street after all. I just try to create the right environment for having fun and try to make it an enjoyable experience.

I give a lot of information on nature; the plants, flowers, trees that we come across and also the history of the area.

I also teach different ways of doing things, along with camping and survival skills.

It’s a people industry so it’s all about customer service and befriending people. I always tell people, “You come as a stranger and leave as a friend”.

Hypothetically, even if you didn’t catch one fish, if you have good customer service skills you can overcome that and ensure people leave with a good taste in their mouths.

Do you get many fishing novices on your tours?

About 30% are novices and a lot of those are children. I get a lot of father and son-type scenarios which I love.

Do you have a specific approach to your tours?

Every adventure is different, all the people are different. You have to adapt to people’s personalities, the weather conditions, where you’re fishing so there’s no cookie cutter day as far as guiding goes.

You have to always keep safety in mind, be prepared and have the right equipment and also know what your resources are. You are always adapting to certain situations so everything is dynamic.

What’s the best part of your job?

I’m selling fun at the end of the day, and the best part is being with people. I can fish all day long on my own, but  it’s all about meeting people, getting to know them and learning about their backgrounds. We’re learning from each other.

Have you had any bizarre experiences?

I had a couple from Texas and we ran into some lightning and bad weather so I got them off the water and found a gazebo nearby and we asked if we could stay there until the weather passed.

It was a mother and daughter, and they invited us in, gave us hot chocolate and cake and we sat there and got to know them. The people from Texas were really impressed by the Maine hospitality.

Then the weather cleared up so it was a happy ending.

Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

One thing I don’t like is a bad attitude – attitude is everything in life.

I don’t get many of them, but from time to time I get someone with unrealistic expectations, and who is doing the activity for the wrong reasons, who says, for example, “I’m not going to be happy unless I catch 100 fish”. That makes the trip a chore.

But if have someone who is very negative and hard to please, I take it as a challenge.

Why would you encourage our readers to hire a guide?

First and foremost, there’s the safety factor. For example, I’m trained in wildlife survival and I’m a volunteer fireman. So, if there is an incident that requires an immediate experienced response, you’re going to get that from a guide.

When you hire a guide, you’re also going to get someone who should know the area, its history, its animals, its plant and insect life as well as different ways of catching fish, so you’re getting an education as well.

Tell us something about Maine that only a guide would know?

Someone from a country like the UK, for example, may not know anything about Maine. So they’re going to learn about Maine’s logging industry, how Maine beame a state and what kind of commerce Maine has. For example, the tramway line, used as part of the logging industry, is something that I would show them.


Rich grew up hunting, fishing and camping all over the United States as well as his own back yard. He first learned to fish with his Dad, Norman in a 12′ aluminum boat. Spending time on the Lakes in Maine with His Uncle Rodney (Master Maine Guide), and down to Florida on the St John River with His Uncle Walter Young (Florida Park Ranger Superintendent), these special people and places started an Example and Love of the Outdoors that has carried through out His Life to Present Day. Rich is a Christian and believes in being self sufficient and providing for his family from field to table surviving from all that our Natural World offers. Genesis 27:3 Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.

Having frequent summer trips to Florida, Rich spent time monitoring Manatees with Radio Tracking transmitters, Bass Fishing, and monitoring park activity with his Uncle Walter. Blue Spring Park, St John River,Hontoon Island, Manatee Springs are some of special places he had spent most summers exploring and learning from his mentor, Walter Young.

Starting as early as 8 years old on Ambajejus Lake, Rich spent summer days perch fishing and evenings fly fishing at Nesowadnehunk Lake with his Uncle Rodney. When fall arrived, accompanying his Uncle in Trapping, Hunting Partridge and Deer was enjoyed in Maine’s Back Wilderness. A family past time started his Love and Passion for Maine’s unspoiled Wilderness. Learning Maine’s Woods, Lakes, Remote Ponds, Rivers and Streams became an obsession that brought him to follow his dream of becoming a Registered Maine Guide. Combining His love and Passion of the Outdoors, Customer Service and Teaching, anyone sharing an Outdoor adventure with Rich will have a trip of a Lifetime. With His Life Partner and Supportive Wife Maryanne, they are living in the beautiful town of “Bradford”.

Rich, Maryanne and their two children Amanda and Annarose live on a small farm they named “Twin Maple Farm”. When He is not on a trip, He can be found teaching a class on Fly Fishing, Firearms, or working the farm.

Capt. Richard Alan Yvon's Reviews

  • ryvon

    As seen on Roland Legare said – My friend and I hired Richard to take us on a fishing trip for small mouth was a great day of fishing . Richard is a very nice guy and a very good guide, his equipment is the best. I am looking forward to taking a Salmon trip with him in the spring, I know I will not be disappointed.. Visited June 2014


    Earlier this month, Richard took my family on a moose safari on Millinocket Lake. Richard’s hospitality is endless, along with his vast knowledge of all things Maine, moose, and fishing! He was attentive to our needs, and ensured all of us got the most out of the trip. What a great way to spend the day, and we are looking forward to our next adventure with Twin Maple Outdoors! Perhaps fly fishing?

  • KarmaKate

    Dave and I have had the good fortune to have connected with a Maine Guide last summer. Rich Yvon took us fishing on the Penobscot River in Maine. This was an amazing trip with an awesome guide. This was my first adventure in Maine and it defiantly will not be our last. Rich has a knowledge of everything outdoors. He planned out all of days meticulously. He thought of everything we would ever think of. He created our adventure down to every last detail. I think the kayak trip to spot moose was my favorite!! We love Maine and Rich is a wonderful guide to work with. Thanks Rich for the incredible adventure!

    • ryvon

      Dear Dave and Kate…
      It was my pleasure to share a piece of Maine with you. Our trip together was filled with fun, and great memory for me as well. I welcome you back here anytime…
      Folks like you are why I love what we do! Thank You!
      Very Truly Yours,
      Richard Yvon

Twin Maple Outdoors

Our mission at Twin Maple Outdoors is to share our passion for the outdoors through education, conservation and good ol' fashion family fun. We are a licensed and insured Maine Guiding Service with over 35 years of Maine Open Water and Ice fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation experience to share with our customers. We sit as a director for The Maine Board of Tourism to help you get the most of your stay here in Maine.

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