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Bruce Anderson

Guide at a Glance

  • Locations

    Riverside, California, United States

  • Activities

    Motorbike Tour, Sightseeing

  • Languages


Guide Bio

He offers a motorbike tour with his expertise and experience that you can never imagine. With his almost two decades of guiding off-road tours, he will let you experience ‘the ride of your life’.

Bruce Anderson's Reviews

  • Darren Holley

    To start off I had fun on the trip and the crew is really cool and good at what they do. I have way more than what will fit in this review, here are the top four issues. Here is the reason for my review:
    1. Bruce Anderson “Bruno” is a shady business person. We booked this trip for 12 MONTHS in advance. Bruno provided us with a price and an itinerary that our crew agreed to. When we showed up he tells us that the cost for the tour has gone up and we will not receive the discount promised and we are no longer going to the places on our pre-approved itinerary. Mind you we have all correspondence with us in writing and he does not care to honor the agreement. He lies and claims he never said it
    2. He picks all of us up in San Diego and takes us to Mexico. Our crew goes through customs into Mexico only to find out that the Border Patrol is holding up our vehicle because Bruno does NOT have the proper license to operate in Mexico. Mind you he has been doing this trip for years! The Border patrol holds us for almost an hour. Bruno comes and tells everyone in our group to “tell them all of us are all old friends and that this is NOT a for hire group”. So within the first 45 minutes he is asking us to lie to a border agent. He says if we don’t “we will have to back track four hours to a different crossing to get in the country’. This is how our trip STARTS!
    3. After you get to the hotel you check in there is a briefing in the parking lot. All of the vehicles are there and you go over the “Safety Instructions”. These also has a signed acknowledgement that you received a helmet, goggles that he has everyone sign. This is VERY important, this allows Bruno to charge you WHATEVER he wants for damages, whether real or fictitious, after you are done with the trip. There also is NO vehicle inspection done. They do not allow you to check for scratches, dents, etc. prior to leaving. This is his scam. He allows you to use the vehicle then hits your card for fake damages at the end. He did this to 11 of the 12 people in my group. This is also part of the reason that he does not take American Express. He requires a deposit from you on Visa or MasterCard, because those two cards the burden of proof is on the cardholder. That means he can charge you for whatever he wants without your permission, and on Visa and MasterCard he gets paid unless you prove him wrong. American Express backs the cardholder and requires the burden of proof to be on the merchant. I know all of this because Bruno without any authorization, 4 days after we left, charged my card for $2,396.00. I know I broke a $60.00 fuel can and had a scuff on one of the doors and bumper after five days of riding the Baja course and my buggy had 36K miles on it. These are NOT new vehicles. Bruno was with me for FIVE days. He looked at the vehicle daily and never addressed anything with me. Upon return, every member of his crew looked at my vehicle, since Bruno left early, and told me everything was fine and to not worry about the fuel can. He claimed there was damage done to the vehicle while we were operating it. No notification, no pictures, no evidence, no text, no e-mail, no phone call….nothing. When I requested proof he told me “I don’t have any”. He just charged my card for an amount he pulled out of thin air. He conveniently waited until we left Mexico and got back to Florida before he charged us. I have spent well over 40 hours dealing with a cross country dispute trying to get my money back to no avail.
    4. Bruno is not there for your experience. He is gone most of the time riding for himself without any care of your safety. He is supposed to be the “Leader” and is gone 70% of the time. There were no communication headsets for the motorcycles and two of our side by sides. He could have killed somebody. It was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and CARELESS. Find a better company to deal with. It is not worth your life and people die out there all the time. Especially, when there is poor leadership.

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