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  • Company Website
  • 00212669024720

Guide at a Glance

  • Company

    Night Desert Camp

  • Locations

    Fes, Marrakech, Morocco

  • Activities

    Adventure, Camel Riding Tour, Desert Tour

  • Guiding Experience

    8 years

  • Languages

    English, French, Italian, Spanish

Guide Bio

Get To Know Sahara Desert Guide Amar

Amar’s goal is to let you explore the best of Morocco by traveling into the southern country, to meet locals,  experience their life and traditions, and to support you with your Morocco Sahara Desert needs.
How did you get into your field?

Born in Merzouga Desert and as local from from this area, I was in contact with foreigners and working in Hotel Merzouga and guiding in Merzouga Sahara Desert during the studies holidays season.

How did you make the transition to becoming a tour guide?

With my experience working in hotels and 4 wheel driving around the sand dunes and the Merzouga areas it was a natural transition to become a guide.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On an average day, I meet people interested in getting informed about the regions, and an easy going/ great trip and looking for a good overall experience.

Have you got a certain style of guiding, or do you just run with it on the day?

It is very important to run with it on the day  to add more for a best and unforgettable experience…

What is the best part of your job?

Getting to Sahara Desert and enjoying the silence of Sahara and giving what we have and what we know to my guests, local traditions, cultures and nature…

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on a tour or trip?

During a day/night camel ride over the sand dunes on our walk we were surprised with a desert fox getting into a well and having a hard to get out, it was a great experience for us to give the fox freedom again.

Every job has its ups and downs. Are there any aspects of your job that you don’t like or aren’t that keen on?

We enjoy all the nature and a good sunset, clear days and the wonderful Sahara Desert nights with the stars shining,  for me I feel down when nature doesn’t cooperate during a client’s visit on Sahara Desert; cloudy, windy and no stars.

In your view, what makes a good tour guide?

Experience, educated, knowledge about all your country’s cultures and traditions, social and close to people.

As an experienced guide yourself, can you explain what the benefits of hiring a guide are?

Guests will be informed and get the real information about all the country and make the trip easier.

Without giving away your secrets, tell us the types of things about your area/activity that only a guide would know.

The roads, the best places, and the best sightseeing points.

And finally, have you got any tips for people who are interested in booking a guide like yourself, but aren’t too sure what to look for?

I am here for any information needed and to support any body with planning his/her trip while they are figuring it out.



With us, enjoy the Sahara Desert with one of our desert trips from Marrakech or Fes. I am here to let you explore the best of Morocco by traveling into the southern of country, to meet locals, to experience their life and traditions, and to support you for your Morocco Sahara Desert needs. Welcome to our Sahara Trips.

Tours from Marrakech:

2 and 3 night Desert package from Marrakech to Merzouga Desert and back to Marrakech or drive to Fes instead of coming back to Marrakech.

Tours from Fes:

2 and 3 night Desert package from Fes to Merzouga Desert and back to Fes or drive to Marrakech instead of coming back to Fes.

Night Desert Camp

Tour Company offering Sahara desert Tours from Marrakech and Fes with overnight in Sahara Desert camps: The luxury private camp with its 5 private large separed tents for those seeking privacy or a slightly more intimate environment equipped with large double, twin beds and each tent has en-suite bathroom facilities inside. The Nomadic Berber Camp with its tents with twin and double beds and a shared bathroom for all the tents. In the both camps in the desert of Merzouga surrounded with the huge sand dunes of Erg chebbi enjoy the tranquility, Sahara desert wild nature, clear skies and Berber experienced friendly staff to serve and take care of you during your stay and with the attention to let you enjoy an unforgettable night and memorable great experience with some desert activities such as camel riding and sand boarding… A night Desert Camp Tour stay can be organized in two ways: -with a part of 2 days, 3days, 4days package trip from Marrakech or Fes.or from Tangiers (tangiers to Marrakech Desert Trips)

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