By Northman Insurance

We know that Guides require affordable, specific and unique insurance coverage to meet their business demands that take them beyond the office. So we have been negotiating with Northman Insurance on your behalf to bring you the best possible deal!

With feedback from thousands, and attention paid to guide’s specific needs, this tailor made program exclusive to GuideAdvisor members worldwide, is not only cost effective but covers all the worst case scenarios, when are where you need it!

Coverage includes:

  • Third Party (Public) Liability Protection against law suits USD $5,000,000 (5 reasons why you need this)
  • Accidental Death USD $50,000
  • Disability USD $50,000
  • Hospitalisation Benefit USD $200 per day

This program will be offered as part of a new Premium Plus Plan at an incredibly low cost of $249 USD for an entire year. This plan will include all of the marketing services, features, and account services offered through our Premium Plan – PLUS the insurance policy above as well as preferred rates on all of the insurance that you may require. Already have a Premium Plan? No problem you will be able to upgrade easily once this is available.

Register your email now,  if you are interested in saving time and money and you will be informed as soon as we roll out  this exceptional deal!

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