What is “The Billboard Effect”?


Peer reviewed research proved the existence of “the billboard effect” in the travel industry as far back as 2009 – uncovering benefits that accommodation providers (for example) gain due specifically to marketing their property across many listing mediums (like ExpediaTripadvisor, GuideAdvisor etc).

In fact, the research found that direct reservations increased between 7.5 to 26 percent through other direct channels, such as the accommodation provider’s own website, telephone etc. – but only for the period of time when the provider appeared on multiple media sites.

The results are expected to hold true for other travel related booking organizations, like you and GuideAdvisor, where our branded efforts to market your guides and trips result in creating increased exposure, recognition and traffic for your unique offerings, that influences booking that arrives at your doorstep through other channels. Even non-travel industries are leveraging this purchase behavior to their advantage.

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The Billboard Affect

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