What is an AdWords Campaign?


An AdWords Campaign results in advertisements that display at the top and right side on the search engine results page (SERP) when specific search terms are entered into Google’s search engine.

Ad placement / position is determined by bid (the amount the advertiser is willing to pay) and by quality score (how closely the ad matches the search term). These factors are constantly monitored and fine-tuned to get as much highly-targeted, high-quality traffic to our guides and trips as possible.

Google Search Results Page

In addition, our marketing team creates custom display ads for specific listed trips and then places these ads on high visibility / high quality sites. These ads are presented to people online when they match known conditions of what people are typically doing when in their travel planning and research stages (like looking for things to do, booking a flight or hotel in another city, for example).

It’s techno-magic and it drives quality traffic to trips at just the right time!
Adwords Display Ad



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