How to win a $500 Targeted AdWords Search Campaign


When a customer leaves a review for you at GuideAdvisor, you will be automatically entered into a monthly draw for a $500 Targeted AdWords Search Campaign*. Each unique review left in the month counts as one entry into the draw for that month.

The AdWords Campaign will be set up to run from the 15th of the next month through the 15th of the month following.

5 Stars

We’re not ignoring your customers either – as a thank-you for every review submitted, the reviewing customer will also be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card in a separate monthly draw held on the same day.

What does a Guide / Operator get if they win the monthly draw?

GuideAdvisor’s Marketing Team will select keywords and create ads for your trips and profile which link directly to the appropriate pages on GuideAdvisor.

You don’t need to do anything!

If your entry is drawn and you have a specific trip that you would like to highlight or focus on during your month, you will have an opportunity to let the Marketing Team know, so that ads and bids can be targeted accordingly.

* Draw is subject to the standard GuideAdvisor Contest Rules.

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