How to set goals in Google Analytics


Goals are an important part of tracking activity on your site. When a visitor to your site completes an action you would like them to take, this is called a conversion and how often it  happens can be measured by setting it up as a goal. As a Premium Listing customer – you can view your Goal Results on your GuideAdvisor Dashboard.

An example of a goal would be the booking confirmation page after they have completed an online booking or a confirmation page they see after completing and sending a form to ask about a tour.

Goal set up can be very straightforward to very complex, depending on your purchase funnel and your individual business requirements. The following steps will walk you through a standard, straightforward goal setup to show you how to create a goal in order to measure booking completions:

  1. Log into Google Analytics (whoever owns the website is entitled to create a Google account for access to all Google Analytics tools)
  2. On the top menu, click on Admin
  3. Under the View column, click on Goals
  4. Click on +New Goal button at the top
  5. Under Template, click on Buy TicketsGoal Set up
  6. Click on Next Step
  7. Under Goal Completion, enter in a descriptive name such as “Completed tour booking” and click Destination under TypeGoal Set up
  8. Click on Next Step
  9. Under Goal Details, enter in the destination url of the page that the visitor sees after completing a booking and do not include the domain name. The page is often “/thank-you/” or “/payment-completed/”. If you are not sure of the page url on your site, make a test purchase yourself to find out what page the visitor sees upon completion of the purchase.
  10. Set a Value. This is optional but can be very useful if you have several different goals since you can allocate different values to different goal completions. For example, if you have set up 3 goals on your site – completion of a tour booking, confirmation of submitting a form and confirmation of signup to your email list – you can allocate an average trip value to your tourGoal Setup
  11. Click on Create Goal.


More information can be found at About Goals and Create, Edit and Share Goals


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