How to connect Google Analytics to your GuideAdvisor Operator Dashboard


Connecting your website’s Google Analytics to your GuideAdvisor Operator Dashboard is a snap! As long as you have entered your website URL on your Account page and you are logged in – you’re just two mouse clicks away from hooking it all up.

  1. Click on the “Connect my Google Analytics account” button on your Operator Dashboard page
  2. Click on “Accept” to allow GuideAdvisor to view your Google Analytics data and you’re done!

Dashboard - Connect My Google Analytics
Dashboard - Accept Connection of Analytics Data


Well, you will be done if you are signed in with your Google account. However, if you’re not don’t worry, because Google will just ask you to login with that account.

Dashboard - Accept Connection Sign-On Step

Ta-da! That’s it. If you need more information about what will now be displayed for Google Analytics on your Operator Dashboard, this FAQ is for you.

Learn more about the GuideAdvisor Operator Dashboard.

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