How to add the Book Now link


If you are subscribed to one of GuideAdvisor’s Premium plans, you can now provide visitors with a link directly to the booking page on your own website.

Trip Screen Shot - Book Now Link

We’re more than happy to help you set this up, but you can also make the change yourself by logging in to your Account and choosing Guides & Trips from the sub-menu.

Account Menu Screen Shot - Guides + Trips

Click on the edit button beside the first trip you want to add the link to.

Scroll down to the Online Booking Link field and enter in the full URL of the booking page on your website for this trip (or the URL for this trip on any 3rd party booking engine you use). Do this for each of the trips you want to set an Online Booking Link for.

Account Screen  Shot - Online Booking Link

While you’re there, make sure you’ve set up the GuideAdvisor Trip Link for this trip to go directly to your trip details page on your own website.

Scroll down to the bottom of the trip page and click on  save when you have entered the links. That’s it – you’re done!

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