Explore Slovenia

Explore Slovenia
Slovenia is an incredible country to travel through, with architecturally rich towns, cultured cities, and beautiful mountain resorts. Plus it has its own slice of the Adriatic Sea which comes with perfect Mediterranean beaches to sun-worship at.

Located just below Austria and above Croatia, Slovenia has plenty of forested and agricultural lands that are perfect for outdoor activities. The capital city of Ljubljana is a great destination for historical buildings, artwork, foods, travel boutique shops, outdoor cafes, fun little pubs and customs that make for some really interesting travel

Although tumultuous at times, Slovenia’s history is varied. Slovenia has been part of Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Serb, Croats, and Slovenes and then radically shifted to the socialist state of Yugoslavia. In 1991, Slovenia broke away and declared its own independence. This small country has endured many imposed ways upon it and yet has held managed to keep its traditions and customs

Lake Bled
Beautiful Coast of Old Town Piran
Lake Bohinj from Vogel cable car

Places to Visit in Slovenia

  • Lake Bled
  • Piran
  • Ljubljana
  • Vogel
  • Rogla

Unique Things to See and Do in Slovenia

  • Walk across the Triple Bridge
  • Explore the gardens at Tivoli Park
  • Enjoy the views from Bled Castle
  • Ride the train through the Postojna Cave
  • Tour the Predjama Castle set on a cliff
  • See the turquoise waters of the Soca Valley river

Slovenia Cuisine

Slovenia’s geographical position puts it right in the middle of some amazing culinary influences. With Italy to the west, Austria to the north and Hungary to the east, you can definitely taste the influences of Italian cheeses, Austrian style meats, and Hungarian pastries which are all fantastic. But Slovenia has foods unique to its own regions too. In fact, just recently, many food items have been placed on the EU list of “protected designation of origin (PDO)” which provides commercial protection to the region as the only authentic sources of designated  foods. This is similar to the laws protecting the Italian Parma ham where only prosciutto from the region of Parma is allowed to use the “Parma” name.

So which foods are a must to try then? The first product on the list is Stajersko Prekmursko Bucno Olje – a pumpkin seed oil that has been produced since 1750. Another classic favourite is zlikrofi, which are little dumplings filled with a mixture of potatoes, onions, bacon,and spices. They are typically served with a meat sauce called “bakalca” which made with mutton or rabbit.

Prleska tunka is a popular cured pork produced in eastern Slovenia, that dates back to 1487. Did we mention that Slovenians eat a lot of meat? Finding vegetarian options in restaurants can be difficult, so heads up. It’s not impossible but don’t be surprised when you tell them you’re a vegetarian and the still serve you meat. A popular dessert to try is Prekmurska Gibanica, This traditional layered cake – direct translation is “folded cake” – is layered with poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, and cottage cheese in between layers of pastry. Another dessert to try is Bled Cream cake, which is a light cream and custard cake. This one is served at Lake Bled and an absolute must for dessert lovers.

Did you know…?

Slovenia has over 10,000 caves, with the most popular being Postojna.

Postonjna Castle

Did you ALSO know…?

When couples marry at Bled Island church, the groom must carry the bride up 99 stone steps!

Bled Island Steps

Getting Around Slovenia

Like most European cities, the typical ways to travel between towns in Slovenia are by using trains, renting a car, or riding public buses.  The Slovenian Railway network is one of the easiest ways to travel between major cities, however, there are few places it doesn’t go. Buses often fill in the gaps between railway lines and public transit within the area.

Another option to get around Slovenia is by renting a car, particularly if you’d like to travel the countryside more and explore quaint towns with plenty of history. During the winter months, some of the mountain passes can close due to weather so double check before disembarking. But if you love to ski there are plenty of good ski slopes to hit.

Best Time of Year to Travel to Slovenia

Slovenia is a perfect destination for varying climate types. There are cooler days in the alpine mountain region, temperate conditions in the lower level flats, and then Mediterranean temperatures along the coast.

If you want to travel around the country in ease, then renting a car and travelling in the summer time is the best. The temperatures average at 20˚C for the country, but the beach side can reach 29˚C on average. Summer time is also high season, so expect more crowds and possibly higher rates.

In recent years, tourism has been exploding around the ski slopes in Slovenia, promoting affordable resorts, great scenery, and good snow conditions. Many people reviewing the ski mountains say the like that they are getting good value without having their pocketbooks exploited when compared to the fancier ski resorts in Europe. The resorts are as big as French ones, but you provided a more personalized service.

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