Explore Norway

Explore Norway
Anyone who’s ever been to Norway will agree: Norway is one of the most stunning destinations on the planet. This Scandinavian dream place is home to fjords, mountains, glaciers, deep valleys, and more. It’s an exceptional place for adventurers and those with a deep appreciation for big nature. But it’s also a cultural hotspot. Come meet the Norwegian people, eat delicious local foods, and visit quaint ocean-side villages.

Despite its far-reaching Viking history, Norway is a modern country and its progression is reflected everywhere in the country’s architecture. Festivals take place year round. People are open-minded, tolerant, and liberal. Cities like Oslo and Bergen take on a postcard-perfect quality. And sure, it may be one of the world’s most expensive countries, but the locals enjoy world-class benefits.

Northern Lights

Places to Visit in Norway

  • Tromso
  • Oslo
  • Roros
  • Hedmark
  • Svalbard
  • Bergen
  • Fjordland
  • Gudvangen
  • Hardangervidda

Unique Things to See and Do in Norway

  • Visit the Sami National Museum
  • Watch for the Northern Lights
  • Cruise through the fjords
  • Hike one of Norway’s mountains
  • Go dogsledding in the Arctic
  • See the Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society
  • Take the train to Bergen
  • See the wildlife in Svalbard
  • Get the best views at Pulpit Rock
  • Step inside some wooden stave churches

Norway Culture

Although Norway is a sparsely populated country, its culture is recognized around the world. Its history, which extends back to Viking times, has largely shaped modern-day Norway.

Norway is also a place for arts and music. The famous composer Edvard Grieg came from Norway, as well as the pianist Leif Ove Andsnes. Classical music and jazz can be found in just about every town in the country. Recently, pop and electronica have become increasingly popular. The “Bergen Wave” refers to popular Bergen bands and DJs that have dispersed around Norway and abroad.

Many famous poets, playwrights, and novelists have come out of Norway, including Henrik Ibsen who is often compared to Shakespeare. Norway fosters an excellent literary scene, especially in the contemporary genre, and authors like Saabye Christensen have had their works translated into many languages. When it comes to fine art, Edvard Munch is a household name thanks to his painting titled “Scream.” For architecture, the famous wooden churches from the 12th century are a must-visit. In stark contrast, you’ll find modern skyscrapers and unique architectural designs in Oslo such as the Opera House.

Norwegians are very modest people. They believe in something known as the “Jante Law”: everyone is on equal footing, and you cannot judge someone on appearances or intelligence. Most Norwegians aren’t flashy or showy, and money is not a topic for discussion. In other words, as a traveller, you are very much welcome!

Getting Around Norway

Believe it or not, Norway has more than 50 airports. Getting around the country by flying is surprisingly easy. Most cities and towns have taxi services with English speaking drivers.

The Norwegian State Railway is an excellent way to travel, and will even take you to the Arctic Circle. Some of the routes are absolutely magnificent, especially from Oslo to Bergen. Car rentals are the most convenient way to go, but can be quite pricey. There are also several ferry and boat services.

Did you know…?

Norway introduced salmon sushi to Japan in the 80′s.

Salmon Market in Bergen

Did you ALSO know…?

Norway has a town called Hell.

Hell Railway Station

Best Time of Year to Travel to Norway

Picking a time to visit Norway can be a bit complicated. Do you want to avoid the tourist hordes, or do you want to be sure that all tourism facilities are open? Early summer (June and July) is an ideal time to visit. That’s when the Midnight Sun is in full effect, meaning long warm days (and 24 hours of sunshine in the north). This is also when most people visit Norway, so all museums and businesses are open, but it’s also the most expensive time of year.

May and September are both excellent times to visit Norway as well. You’ll get lower rates and the weather is still favourable. The cheapest month is October, although temperatures are colder. January and February are the coldest months.

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